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We all have moved at least once in our lifetimes and we know the kind of energy and effort that are required to carry out such a job. Visiting a friend’s house with a baby can be so hectic, imagine a total change of place. Scary, right? Do not worry, we are here to help.  If you are planning to move with a baby we have brought some amazing moving tips that will make the entire moving affair easy for you.

Make a List

A list is more important than most of us think it is. One list will include all the things that you need to move right away and a separate list will include all the other stuff that can wait. The first list will include all your smart kitchen appliances, baby food, and bedding, basic mattress and pillows, baby monitor, etc. The second list will include toys, bedsheets, furniture, etc.

You will know best what items you will want to move and which you want to buy new. Moving means buying a lot of new things. Make up your mind what you want to buy and make your list accordingly.

Packing and Moving Tips

A lot of questions like how to pack furniture or how to pack a kitchen must be bugging you.  One easy yet expensive option would be to buy news sets. But that is not feasible for everyone, so here are some packing tips:

  • If you wish to move your furniture, make sure you move the entire set and not just a piece of it.
  • Since you are with a baby, we suggest you save packing your kitchen for the very day you are settling in your new dwelling. It is not advisable to transfer your kitchen appliances before or after you move in, for you surely cannot feed your baby outside food.
  • Contact packers and movers– do not take the risk of moving all by yourself. Trust us, you will regret it if you don’t. They will take care of everything and you won’t need to worry about most parts.

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Organizing New House

The new house won’t feel homey enough unless you have organized it according to your taste and touch. But this can be more hectic than you are imagining it to be. Even if packers and movers deliver the things, how to organize your new kitchen or bedroom is up to you.

We suggest to take a little at a time. Do not stress yourself. Ask your spouse to help you out. While you are at it, do not forget to check on your baby and do not leave him/her unattended.

If your child is a little older child, ask him/her to help you out. Give them light responsibilities so that they will enjoy transforming a new place into a home and also be in your eyesight. You need not worry about them getting lost in the new neighborhood.

Avoid Postponing

The responsibility of a child can tempt you to take shortcuts while organizing but try to not give in to such temptations. You may want to dump most things in the basement or storeroom or the garage in the hope that once you have some free time you will resume working on them. That does not work out! Those pieces of stuff are going to lie in storage until someday you find most of them ruined or simply forget about them.

Get help and try to sort things while you are at it. You may apply some kitchen packing hacks or bedroom organizing hacks but do not postpone. If you are with a baby the time will never come when you will go back to that work.

We understand it can be difficult, but with a little help and determination we are sure you are going to overcome all the obstacles and moving into your dream house.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post on How to Organize Your Moving with a Baby useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Ways to Make Kitchen Baby-Proof for more great tips!

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