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Fixing water leaks in your home can be quick and easy. But before you fix the leaks, you need to know how to find the leaks. Here are the seven places to look for in your home to find water leaks. Leaks in households may cause huge wastes of water that you never expected.

Every homeowner must know this information to keep their home pipes and other water systems free from leakage. Contact the best plumbing service provider on the market, in case you find leaks in your home.

1. Showerhead and Bathtub Faucet

The biggest culprit for water leaks is almost always the bathroom faucet. Make sure you check your showers for drips. A leaking shower wastes more than 500 gallons per year. Don’t forget to check your bathtub faucet as well.

One drop per second is equal to 3,000 gallons per year. These are the most common places where water leakage occurs. You have to take steps to fix them if you find any leaks or dripping of water.

2. Toilet

The biggest water waste in any home is from a leaking and running toilet. Usually, the leak can be traced through a little part inside called the flapper. When this part gets either eroded or worn out, it can cause your toilet to run which wastes a lot of water over time. One leaking toilet wastes up to 73,000 gallons per year.

Is your toilet still filling after a long time after being flushed? It is a clear indication of leakage. Get it fixed as soon as possible.

3. Sink

Now let us head into the kitchen. Check your sink thoroughly for leakage. Leaking faucets are major water wasters. Fixing a leaking faucet can save over 20 gallons per day. If delayed, it can adversely affect you by causing major issues. Make sure you’re not only checking the faucet itself, but also the knobs and the other parts around the faucet as well. Also don’t forget to check the pipes underneath the sink. These leaks can easily be found and fixed.

4. Dishwasher

Next, we go to the dishwasher. Check underneath the dishwasher to find the poured water while it runs. Take a dry cloth and slide it underneath the dishwasher and check for wetness. If it’s wet, your dishwasher needs to be fixed. Get it done as soon as possible to prevent your dishwasher from further damage. If it’s dry, you’ve passed this test.

5. Cloth Washer

The next appliance on our list is the washing machine. Having a washing machine leak is bad news because a small water leak can turn into a big one fast. So, make sure you check your washer for leaks regularly. You may have to pull the washer a little away from the wall to have a look at the water pipes if they are tight and do not leak.

Minor water leaks account for over one trillion gallons of wastewater each year, which is equal to the annual water use in 11 million US homes. Do not ever ignore small water leakage problems from the washing machine.

6. Water Heater

Let’s check into the water heater next. First, check all the connections to the water heater to make sure there aren’t any water leaks coming from them. You definitely have to make sure that your water heater isn’t rusted and there isn’t any water leakage in the unit itself.

Stand back and give it a look. Look at all the sides of the water heater carefully. If the tank fills, it may indirectly cause heavy damage to the other water systems in your home. You cannot afford the expense of replacing the water heater. So always be sure to get it fixed early.

8. Water Spigots

Now let’s step outside the home to check the water spigots. Check the handle and knob carefully for water dripping. Fixing household water leaks can save your water bills by about 10%.

Second, check the rubber inside the holes of the pipes. Often this rubber will be worn out, which results in a drastic leakage and waste of a huge amount of water.

We tend to forget to check for leaks outside our homes. Always make sure to check for leaks not only inside, but also outside your home.

The Takeaway

Many of these water leaks commonly occur in the home and we often don’t notice. Check regularly for these leaks in your home. If you find any leaks like these in your home, you need to get to a professional out there as soon as possible.

If you ignore small water leaks, it may result in major water damage. Don’t allow even a drop of water to be wasted. Contact a trusted plumbing service provider for some help. Get your leaking pipes fixed as soon as possible to relieve the stress from your minds. Save valuable money and time by choosing the right partners.

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