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Luxury homes vary depending on the homeowner’s needs and want. Some people want plenty of space while others want top-notch amenities. While multiple factors can make up the luxury label, some common characteristics include Location, size, finishes, floor plan and amenities.

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The luxury home of your dreams will have more to it than just a high price tag. Here are a few things to look for when searching for your luxury home in Bryan, TX.

Luxury homes in Bryan, Texas are much more than a high price tag

Many people think of a luxury home as one with a high price tag. However, luxury is experienced differently by each person. A $500,000 home may feel luxurious to one, while another person may not feel the same way in a $2,000,000 home. The elegance and features of a lavish home are what make it luxurious. While you might be looking at the budget for your new home, keep in mind there are other ways to define and find your dream house in Bryan.


Similar to any home purchase, location is an important factor when finding your ideal luxury property. In Bryan-College Station alone there are 14 different neighborhoods that provide the opportunity to live near the heart of the city or away from the hustle and bustle of town life. Depending on which neighborhood you choose to live in will determine what schools you attend and how far you will be from shopping areas or restaurants that can enhance your living experience.

Home Size

Another attribute that defines luxury homes is their size. Some buyers enjoy having more space as well as extravagant amenities such as large pools or separate guest houses while others prefer smaller homes with little maintenance required throughout their property.

Location and amenities

Aside from your home’s interior and exterior, the location is another important factor to consider. You want to find a neighborhood that is close to the things you want, like shops, restaurants and parks; and far away from the things you don’t want, like noise and busy roads. 

Gated communities are ideal if you are looking for privacy and security; they also tend to be quieter than typical neighborhoods. In addition, look for areas with hiking trails or community amenities such as pools, fitness centers or tennis courts if you enjoy outdoor activities or socializing with neighbors.

Historical significance

The history of a home may not be immediately obvious, but each house and neighborhood have a story to tell. Sometimes that story is quite hidden, while other times it is deeply rooted in the foundation of history. The historical significance of a property can be added to by the homeowner and lived into by their family.

When considering the purchase of a home in Bryan, TX there are many aspects that you want to consider beyond just price… including the significance to your family and those who will live there after you!

Elegant and high-end finishes

While price is certainly a factor when determining quality, it’s not the only consideration. The finishes and quality of materials in a luxury home should be elegant and high-end, displaying a cohesive style.

The finishes throughout your house should match its style as well—especially in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms where visitors will spend most of their time.

Large, open spaces for entertaining and relaxing

You might notice that many of the houses on our list have expansive living areas, with spacious dining and kitchen spaces that flow into one another. This is a characteristic of many luxury homes—not just spaciousness, but also a sense of flow within your living space.

You’ll often find large bedrooms and bathrooms in luxury homes as well, but most important for entertaining or relaxing are large open spaces that create an inviting environment for guests.

High-quality construction that is sure to last a lifetime

At night, the hills look like they are under attack from shadowy figures; their silhouettes can be seen lurking in the windows of houses as far as you can see. It’s really creepy at night; this is why we don’t sleep much. We always say that our house is “ghostly white” because there isn’t a spider web or splinter on it, even though there are over 200 of them in front of our house!

We hope you found this blog post Luxury Is More Than a Price – Find Your Ideal House In Bryan, TX useful. Be sure to check out our post The 5 Most Important Factors For Buying Your Dream House for more great tips!

Nine Features You Will Find in Luxury Homes

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