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Moving abroad is a grand step in life that is both exciting and daunting. After all, you’re relocating your family and possessions halfway across the world, not just across the country, and there are a million things you have to organize and oversee to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re moving to New Zealand from the US, things can seem especially stressful because of the vast distance between these two amazing countries.

The stress might also come from the fact that you’re moving in a time of a global epidemic, which can definitely affect your plans and peace of mind. Assuming that you have checked that your new home is in top shape and that you have taken care of all the legal documentation, you can start planning your grand move.

Here are the top tips for moving to New Zealand that will ensure your move goes smoothly and that you settle into your new NZ home without a hitch.

Learn About the Local Way of Life

First things first, you have to know where you’re moving to and how the local way of life functions and operates. Why? Because that’s the last thing you want to be learning on the fly as you’re trying to get settled in. It’s important that you arrive at your new home in New Zealand prepared for every scenario, especially if you’re relocating to a big city like Auckland.

To that end, be sure to conduct meticulous research and preparation, noting down everything of importance. Learn about the local culture and your new neighborhood, know where all the stores are, where the schools and shopping centers are, how to get around and travel to the city quickly, and everything in between. When you have actionable information, the move will feel easier and the entire experience will be more smooth and less stressful.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Of course, the most important step you need to take is to find a moving company that can handle this process from start to finish in the most efficient way possible. Moving overseas is a big deal, so the last thing you should do is try to organize the whole thing by yourself, because the logistics and legal paperwork behind such a project are complex, to say the least. To stay safe and ensure that everything gets to its NZ destination, you need a professional mover with a lot of experience.

This is especially important if you have a lot of delicate and fragile items to move, like if you’re moving equipment and tech for your home office and need everything to work perfectly even after traversing thousands of miles. With a reliable mover, you’ll know that you’re taken care of every step of the way.

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Organize Your Personal Transportation

One of the typical mistakes that people make when moving abroad is that they organize everything but their personal transportation. Keep in mind that you’re moving to a new and unfamiliar place, and that you want to get to your new home quickly after arriving, instead of wandering around town. Otherwise, the kids will get even more antsy than they were during the 30-hour-long trip from NY to NZ, for example.

To that end, make sure to book your car rental at Auckland airport well in advance, so that your car is waiting for you as soon as you land. You can then use your GPS to navigate to your new place of residence quickly without making any unnecessary stops or trying to figure out the local public transport on your first day in a new country.

Prepare For The Long Flight Ahead

It’s not easy relocating from the US to NZ, and you should prepare yourself for a long flight. Depending on where you’re departing from in the US, you can expect to fly anywhere from 13 hours to 35 hours with multiple stops along the way, so preparing yourself mentally and physically is key.

Firstly, make sure that you have everything in your carry-ons to ensure a comfortable flight for you and your family members. It’s important to keep your kids entertained as well, because small children will get antsy pretty quickly if they’re not distracted playing games or watching movies. Make a detailed long-flight checklist, and stick to it in order to enjoy the trip to your new home.

Prepare Your Kids For The Move

Speaking of kids, don’t think that your children are as enthusiastic about this grand change in life as you are. Typically, you can expect to encounter some pushback from your kids regardless of age or gender, so it’s important to prepare them mentally for this big change and the long trip.

You should start this process months in advance in order to make this big family move much easier. Don’t tell them immediately that you’re moving, but get them warmed up to the idea by talking praise about New Zealand, asking them if they’d love to visit the cities and the natural wonders, and just get them interested in the country. Over time, you will be able to start talking about a possible move, and the whole process will be much easier for everyone involved.

Wrapping up

Moving from the US to NZ is a grand undertaking, and it might seem pretty daunting at first. But you should have no problem making a smooth and hassle-free move if you implement these key tips into your relocation plan.

We hope you found this blog post Moving from USA to New Zealand: Your Go-To Relocation Guide useful. Be sure to check out our post Essential Planning Tips when Moving Overseas for more great tips!


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