Buy Apartments In Akoya Oxygen

Welcome to the Akoya Oxygen, a place that screams luxury, class, and maximum enjoyment. The Akoya Oxygen possesses some of the upbeat facilities in all of Dubai and has made a name for itself in that line. It is one of the wonders of the Damac Hills and a must-tour for visitors who wish to experience the Dubai lifestyle in completion. This article will briefly describe some locations and the kind of property to buy in Akoya Oxygen, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Fasten your seat belt and take a deep dive into the list!

Here are some of the best facets of the Akoya Oxygen

Side attractions at the waterfront: The Akoya Oxygen allows visitors and homeowners to experience barbecue beach and karaoke just at the beachside. There is nothing like carrying out your best fun activities at the beach line that kisses the ocean. The water is pristinely clear and very attractive for all.

  1. Nice location to experience beach spots in the Damac Hills: You could find other spot enthusiasts sunbathing, building sand castles, or volleyball just in the area that kisses the sea. The Akoya Oxygen is therefore known for its sports facilities.
  2. It is a family and pet-friendly environment – as people consider whether to favor one location over the other, they want to know if their pets will be as comfortable as they will be there. It is, therefore, such a relief to many that the Akoya Oxygen is pet-friendly, and many families patronize the place.
  3. Only one step away from Malibu Beach and the local fishing area and only a stone’s throw from the Trump World Golf Club Dubai and have a promising enjoyment for sports enthusiasts.
  4. Located in a tropical rainforest area, with some of the greens preserved in their natural form. This feature allows people to settle better in a greenery environment and gives a natural feeling and enjoyment of nature.

Do you want to experience extravagance in a bubbling environment without putting a dent in your pocket? If yes, then Akoya Oxygen is a great place to consider.

Available Properties

There are diverse available properties or apartments to buy in Akoya Oxygen. They include:

  1. Studio apartments
  2. 1 – 6-bedroom apartments
  3. Villas
  4. Penthouses
  5. Town Houses, etc.

Places to get apartments to purchase in Akoya Oxygen

  • Mulberry, Akoya

Check out these one-bedroom dual toilets apartments for sale for about 1 200 000 AED in the Damac Hills. The Mulberry apartments were hot in the market in 2021 and are currently offering properties for sale. Please note that they also have other kinds of apartments other than single beds, so you should check out the available options before picking one. 

  • Viridis Residences

The Viridis Residences is currently hot in the market in the year 2022. These Akoya Damac Hills residences offer a large variety of bedroom options to renters and buyers alike. The Viridis Residences are also quite affordable and have some extravagant options for purchasers who do not like settling for less. According to Ax Capital, purchasers who are interested in the Akoya properties must not sideline the Viridis Residences.

  • Navitas Hotels and Residences

Navitas Hotels and Residences currently offers some incredible off-plan purchases for investors and interested applicants. There are not many of the Navitas Hotels and Residences available in the market in 2022, but the few offers on the ground are impressive and worth a thought.

  • Janusia, Damac Hills, Akoya

The legendary Janusia properties are next on the list of where to get apartments in Akoya Oxygen. The Janus is massive, well-planned, beautiful, and comfortable. It also offers many options with rooms, villas, penthouses, detached and semi-detached duplexes, etc. 

  • Aurum Villas

Lastly, on the Akoya Damac properties is the Aurum Villas, considered one of the nice places to own property in Akoya Oxygen.


If you find an apartment/ property in Akoya Oxygen that you like, you should consider sealing the purchase as the area poses a great investment. Investors have experienced a good return on investments over the years. According to Ax Capital, it is worth a shot as per purchases.

We hope you found this blog post on Popular Areas To Buy Apartments In Akoya Oxygen useful. Be sure to check out our post on Purchasing An Apartment Block: What You Need To Know for more great tips!

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