You would think that there is nothing easier than to sell a house. If there are buyers out there with money, then they are certainly interested in purchasing your house. And here is where you are wrong. Sellers may wait months or even years before someone finally makes an offer. And lowering the price to sell it faster is not an option. So how to make sure your house attracts buyers? Proper home staging is crucial to selling your house at a good price. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


You would think this isn’t even close to being important, but in fact it plays one of the most important roles in selling a house. When someone moves into an apartment or a house, what do they want to do? Correct, they want to decorate the house as they wish. It’s a lot easier to see whether the house fits the tastes of potential owners when the house is depersonalized.

For example, if you have lots of shelves and paintings that look rather eccentric or not too generic, then it’s best to remove those items. That way potential owners might see what they can do with the house interior. Choosing a home is a more difficult task than choosing CSGO sites, so make it easier for your potential customers to decide.


It’s almost like with the depersonalization step. To make sure your potential buyers see the house’s peculiarities, you should get rid of most decorative objects. For example, leaving just the bed and bedside tables, while removing other objects. You should even consider using a neutral cover and covering not just the mattress, but also the footboard slat in case it has some carvings or ornaments.

This step is important so that the buyers could see the potential of your house and rooms. They might already have in mind what beds they plan to buy, and if you have neutral covers it will allow them to see how that bed would fit. The same situation applies to all other rooms. You should also consider emptying all the closets so that potential buyers could take a look inside. If you have too many things to get rid of, then organize a garage sale. You’ll gain some money for new stuff.

Furniture Placement

You would be surprised, but successful furniture placement affects the way your rooms look. First, space should be organized logically, so that people have easy access everywhere they need. Second, successful furniture placement makes your room look bigger. Try several furniture placement options and you will see how it affects the way your room appears.

It’s also important to place your furniture so the room looks cozier. Potential buyers subconsciously choose the house which makes them feel at home. If you place a dining table, then it should be either in the center of the room or near the windows to enjoy the view while dining. If it’s a couch, then it should look towards the fireplace or potential place for a TV set, etc.

staged home with furniture

Update The Property

If your house is in perfect shape, then you can skip this step. But anyway, you should still at least check whether all the areas in your house look perfect. Make sure the walls have no fungus, check whether the floors need any updates, etc. You will be surprised how this affects the price of your home. Simply painting your walls could help you sell your property at a better price.

If you are planning to paint the walls and change or repair the floor, make sure you stick to rule #1, which is depersonalization. Choose light and neutral colors. First, it makes the rooms look bigger. Second, it’s easier for potential owners to see what they can do with the house.

Creating A Cozy Atmosphere

The house should be depersonalized, but it still has to be cozy, otherwise buyers may be hesitant. You can ask a professional to help you with organizing the space. For example, they can tell you where to put certain furniture items, how to decorate the fireplace, etc.

Clean The House

That’s obvious, no one wants to live in a dirty house. Real estate agents recommend cleaning your house by using quality products without a strong scent. Make sure you clean everything, and don’t forget to clean the dust out of chandeliers if you have them, check the upper shelves, etc.

Make sure that you have no mold or fungus, get rid of any odors, check the space under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom, etc. You should also be careful with air fresheners: the scent could be too strong and might create a feeling that you are trying to mask some unpleasant odors. The best way is to clean the house properly and ventilate it before the buyers arrive.

Installing Furniture

Most likely, you have a furnished house. But if you have sold your furniture or you don’t have any for other reasons, consider renting some to place in your home. An empty house could be sold, but it’s more difficult for the customers to imagine themselves in an empty house. Consider placing some basic furniture items to make sure it looks cozier.


If you want to sell a house and make a successful deal, you should work on your property. Make sure it looks perfect and clean. That way you improve your chances to sell your house.

We hope you found this blog post Staging A Home For Sale: 7 Things You Should Not Forget About useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Top Home-Staging Mistakes: Key Tips for a Successful Home Sale for more great tips!


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