Evaporative Cooling

Check Out Why You Need Evaporative Cooling In Your Home

Air conditioning has indeed become one of the integral parts of our day-to-day life. With the adverse effects of intensive global warming, electricity bills are exceedingly becoming unaffordable for many people. So, there is a technique for managing this and at the same time receive the comfort that the air conditioners usually give us. Evaporative cooling is a technology that gives us adequate comfort like the air conditioners but the electricity bills that you need to pay for using the same is usually much lesser.

The major advantages of evaporative cooling 

The technologies that are involved with evaporative cooling provide many cooling comforts and at the same time, you do not require to worry regarding the electricity bills. This would also help you in managing the adverse impacts on the environment. The latest technologies of evaporative cooling helps in keeping the atmosphere and air of the house fresh and clean. It also reduces the impacts of global warming and at the same time evaporative cooling also lowers the power consumption considerably. These technologies would involve the transfer procedure of heat & mass that used the process of water evaporation for cooling the air. In this particular procedure, a considerably larger level of heat is being transferred from the air to the water. This would ensure the air temperature gets lowered considerably and keeps you comfortable.

Different kinds of evaporative coolers 

There are three major categories of evaporative air coolers that are generally used. The first category is direct coolers, the second category is the indirect coolers and the third category is a mixture of these two coolers – direct and indirect. In the case of the direct coolers, the major working fluids are water and air. The air and water come in direct contact while in the case of the indirect coolers, the working fluids like the water and air are separated by a surface or a plate. The direct cooling technique is the most conventional and ordinary and also a very easy method of cooling the surrounding air. This uses a cooling technique that converts the heat that is sensed by air to make the heat latent.

The process of direct cooling is again classified into two – active direct & passive direct. The principle of indirect cooling is all about decreasing the overall level of heat that is sensed by the surrounding air keeping the humidity stagnant. This provided a very notable advantage over direct cooling. Indirect cooling is usually adopted for overcoming the downsides and disadvantages that are attached to direct evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling’s effectiveness 

This type of air cooling is considered to be one of the most environment-friendly options across the world. This particular technique uses the procedure of evaporating water and decreasing the temperature of the air in a very efficient way for cooling the surrounding air. The procedure of indirect cooling is ranked higher than the direct cooling methodology in terms of economy. Another very effective option is mixing the best features of direct and indirect evaporative cooling to create an altogether new system. This is referred to as a direct-indirect evaporative cooling system. This is deemed to be the most effective system and is preferred by millions of users across the globe.


More and more people should adopt evaporative cooling for economic cooling techniques and at the same time contribute their bit for saving the environment. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind that you should necessarily choose the best and reliable evaporative cooling service providers in your area for fetching the best results.

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