Here Are Things to Organize Before Moving Out

Moving out after renting a place for a long time can be stressful. There are lots of things to consider and forgetting an important detail can cost you a portion of your security deposit (or even all of it). Luckily, it mostly boils down to some advance planning. As long as you take the time to think of some important points in advance, you should be able to make moving out smooth and trouble-free. It’s worth going through that list even if you’ve already been through that whole ordeal before.

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Major Repairs

Start with any major repairs that you might need to perform. Wooden flooring is one of the most common contenders here. Whether it’s a good wooden floor from Quick-Step, vinyl flooring, or anything else, you’ll want to get in touch with a supplier in advance to ensure that you’ll have the materials available when you need them. Hardwood flooring can be tricky if you want to only replace it partially because matching the original colour can sometimes be very difficult. Likewise, pay attention to walls (especially wallpapers), any furniture or equipment that was provided by the landlord, the wiring, and plumbing.

Selling Off Unneeded Items

You’re likely going to have a pretty big inventory of unwanted items that you need to sell off before moving out. This can take some time, and doing it at the last minute can be chaotic and is often prone to mistakes. Start organizing everything months in advance. Make a list of items that will have to be sold, start estimating their prices from marketplaces, and get in touch with people who might be interested in purchasing them. Selling these things off in a rush can result in a pretty significant loss of value across the board, and that’s probably something you’ll want to avoid when you’re moving and need all the money you can get.

Warn Service Providers

Another point you should address as early as possible is to get in touch with the various service providers you’re using, and warn them of your move. In some cases, you’ll be able to get this done very easily and without any hassle, but in other situations, you’ll need to get the process started months in advance, and you may have to follow some specific rules to get it done on time. This can make your move-out much more difficult than it needs to be, so make sure to sort this out at your earliest convenience.

If you do everything right and take the time to plan, you should be able to have a relatively smooth and trouble-free move. Even if something does go wrong, you’ll hopefully have enough time to address the problem in as much detail as it requires. The key is to start the preparations as early as possible. And considering that you’ll often know quite long in advance that you’ll be moving out, you should do your best to get the process started as soon as your plans have solidified.

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