Residential movers and packers

Moving from one place to another can be a little overwhelming. There are so many nitty-gritty details about the process that you need to make sure you get right before making the ultimate journey. Hiring professional movers for your residential move is a life saver.

With so many options in the market, all claiming to be the best in business, it is hard to start your quest for the best residential moving company. So, how do you do that? One thing is for sure – you can streamline the process of moving by hiring a professional moving company.

In this post, we will share some tips that will help you get all the details right when you hire residential movers.

Type of Movers

Before making any commitments, you need to determine your needs. There are two main categories of residential movers, interstate and intrastate movers. As the names suggest, they differ based on the distance a moving company will move your belongings.

The price of the move, insurance, and other aspects of the work hinges on this difference.


A little bit of research benefits you when you are looking for the right moving company. At the very least, your homework should cover:

  • Company history
  • The legalities of the business
  • Expertise and personnel availability

When you shortlist multiple companies, then come the details. For instance, who is going to be packing and sorting items for the move, the time of the move, and so on?

Make the First Contact

You can either visit a company or contact a company over the phone before inviting them to your location to have a look at the number of items.

This step will help you to understand the professionalism and readiness of a particular company.

Ask them difficult questions and try to get details right before asking them for a visit. If they shy away from tough questions or dodge them altogether, it is best to look for alternatives.

Written Estimates

For every service, it is best to have multiple estimates, all in writing. This gives you plenty of material to make a clear comparison about which company is giving you more for less.

Another benefit of a written estimate is that the company cannot deviate too much from the preliminary estimate and a piece of paper can bind them to charge in the ballpark at the end of the service.

Still, you cannot be too rigid on the estimate. After all, it is an estimate and the bill you are going to get at the end could be a little higher.

Hidden Fees?

Nothing comes free when you are dealing with a company that offers services in exchange for money. There have been cases when people signed a contract and the crew started packing. They casually asked the crew to do some extra work, like lifting goods or something, and this all appeared in the bill.

This may come as a shock, but you need to adhere to the terms and conditions stated in the contract. Otherwise, you are sure to get surprises at the end of the move. 

More For Less

For most people, price is a determining factor when they hire a service or purchase a product. The same is true for moving. You want to have the best service while paying little to none. This could only happen in dreams but you can assure you get the best deal by comparing different quotes and comparing companies by breaking down the estimates into constituents.

Another thing about pricing is its trickiness. You may be tempted to get a quote that low-balls the competition only to find out they provide less than stellar service. So, keep all the aspects of work in mind before signing the contract with a company.


The internet and social media have enabled ordinary people to interact with each other and share ideas freely. There are platforms like CityLocal 101, a business listings website, where you can find feedback for a given company.

The feedback comes in the form of comments, reviews, and ratings that help users assess the services of a company.

Before deciding on a company, make sure you check their reviews on these platforms and see how former clients rate their services and how the company’s representatives interact with users and prospects.

This will help you get the “real” view of how that company operates.

Moving can be interesting and daunting at the same time. You get to live in a new place and meet new people, but so much needs to be done before you can accomplish that. A professional mover can turn that nightmare into a pleasant journey.

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