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Moving can be stressful. You have to close out your old home and set up your new home. You have to say goodbye to a place you’ve lived for years and leave your friends behind. If you have kids or pets, you have to help them get through the move. You have enough on your mind without also worrying about how all your belongings will get there.

Moving to a new state makes things even more complex. You have to adjust to an unfamiliar environment. There may be different rules and laws than where you came from. Even the climate may be different from what you’re used to.

Most people don’t have the time or money to move their entire household across state lines by themselves. Doing this can give you more strain and leave you with less time to spend with family and friends. Instead of trying to move everything yourself, you can hire out-of-state professional movers to take care of it all for you.

Whether you’re moving across a river or across the country, out-of-state movers will help you organize the move and transport your valuable belongings. That way, you can focus on arranging your new home and helping your family adapt to the new surroundings.

For a smooth, successful move with minimal stress, it’s essential to choose the right moving company and work with them before and during the move. This post gives some suggestions.

Choosing Out-of-State Movers

Here are some things to look for in out-of-state movers:

Licensing and Certification

Movers that handle state-to-state moves must be assigned a carrier number by the U.S. Department of Transportation. This indicates the company is licensed for commercial transport of passengers or cargo across state lines. You can visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to verify the credentials of a mover you’re considering and view its safety and complaint information. 

You might also consider movers certified by the American Trucking Association’s ProMover program. Moving companies earn this certification by passing a thorough background check and agreeing to abide by a code of ethics and honorable business practices.


Moving is complicated. It’s reassuring to be able to check in with your moving company and know they’re on top of everything. The company should promptly respond when you ask questions or need to update them on your moving plans. 

You’ll want them to show up at the appointed times and keep you posted on the progress of your move. These actions will give you peace of mind and prevent any confusion.

Get It in Writing

You’ll want the company to document everything in writing. Detailed documentation will reduce the chance of mistakes and misunderstandings. The moving company should give you a written estimate showing the cost of the move, including all fees and services to be provided. 

The company will perform an in-person or virtual inventory to determine the size and weight of the items you’re moving and base their estimate on that. If there are some items you’ll be moving yourself or donating, be sure those aren’t included in the inventory.

Here are some other things that should be detailed in writing:

  • pickup and drop-off date and times
  • pickup and drop-off locations
  • items that require special handling
  • special instructions given by the client


Did we mention out-of-state moving is complicated? It’s common for changes to be made. Maybe your new home won’t be quite ready when you thought. Perhaps you decided to add a few small items to the move. 

It’s nice when the moving company can work with you, within reason, to accommodate changes while keeping your move a priority.

Of course, you’ll need to work with them as well. You will need to have your moving plans determined as much as possible in advance and notify them promptly of any changes. Last-minute changes may not be possible, or may result an additional fee, particularly during the busy moving season.

They Offer a Range of Services

If the moving company offers a full range of services, that can help immensely. If you’re decluttering before the move and decide to donate some old furniture, it’s helpful if the company can remove it for you. Or, if your new home gets delayed, it’s nice if the company can store your belongings for a few days until they’re ready to be delivered. 

If the moving company performs a variety of services, you won’t have to worry about finding and working with different service providers during your move.


It’s crucial to put your precious belongings in the hands of a reputable moving company. You can ask friends, relatives, and neighbors for recommendations. Also, check online reviews at sites like the Better Business Bureau and its rating. See how long the company has been in business. Speak with their customer service reps. 

Also, find out how transparent they are about their pricing. Movers may charge extra for moving items from an upper-level apartment or condo and for disassembling and re-assembling furniture.

Of course, cost is important, but it’s not the only consideration. The mover that offers the lowest cost may not be the best.

Working With Out-of-State Movers

After you’ve chosen a moving company, the next step is to pick a moving date and prepare for the move. You can use a moving checklist to help you plan and make sure nothing is forgotten.

Movers may offer different levels of insurance coverage for your household goods in transit. Take time and pick the coverage that’s appropriate for you. 

As the date approaches, contact your moving company to verify the moving date and cost. You can pack up any items to move yourself. Also, prepare an essentials box of items you’ll need in your new home while waiting for your remaining household belongings to arrive.

For valuable items that you’ll be shipping, consider taking photos of these items for documentation. In case there’s damage during shipping, you’ll have visual proof to support your claim.

Your move may take more than one day, depending on the size of the move. Make sure to oversee the loading process and also be there during unloading. 

On moving day, the movers will give you a complete inventory of all items they will be transporting. Review the inventory list you’re given at pickup for completeness. Keep a copy to compare at the other end and make sure everything arrives.

Inspect your items after delivery and note any damage. This includes any damage to your old or new home. You have nine months after the move to claim any damage.

We hope you found this blog post on How to Choose Out of State Movers? useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Not to Stress Out When Moving Out of State for more great tips!

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