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If your business is moving, you need to move yourself, your family, your workforce, and your office equipment. Moving office equipment is a daunting task and it’s not always a wise idea to involve your employees. After all, you don’t want to end up in a lawsuit if your employee ends up with a stress fracture! Here are 7 of our top tips that can help you move office equipment on time and on a budget:

Always contact professional moving companies that have the training and equipment required to carry out this job. Hiring professionals will not only protect your office equipment from getting damaged, but they’ll also help you reassemble furniture so that your new office looks as good as the old one, if not better.

Tips for Moving Office Furniture:

1- Prepare in advance

Moving office equipment can be overwhelming. This is why start planning your move at least 3 to 6 months in advance before the actual moving date. This way you can get into the nitty-gritty of each equipment. Measure your new office in advance and plan your interior accordingly.

2- Hire experienced office equipment movers

As stated earlier, it is always recommended to hire a professional moving company. Research online and look for movers who have carried out similar office equipment moves before. It’s a great way to know whom to trust with your expensive office furniture and other equipment.

Once you have shortlisted a few moving companies, ask them to visit your office to provide you with an estimate. Also ask them a few questions, which can help you choose the perfect moving company for the job.

3- Inform your employees

Once you have finalized the details of the move, it is time to inform your employees. Let them know in advance so they can finish up all pending work before the big day. Allow your employees to prepare themselves for the move.

Provide each employee with a carton so he or she can pack the contents of their cubicle a day or two before the move. Suggest them to take any belongings with themselves rather than adding weight to the moving truck.

4- Get the IT Team on board

Most of the office equipment is handled by the IT department. This is why it is crucial to bring the IT team on board at least 3 months before the move. This way, they can start planning for any upgrades or changes according to the infrastructure of the new office.

Get all the data cabling installed before the IT team arrives on the new setup. Your IT team will have to look into the equipment, internet plans, phone connections etc. at the new office location. This is why give them ample time to figure things out so that the landing is as smooth as possible, especially on the technical end.

5- Hire a move manager

If you have a big office setup, then it is recommended to hire a move manager to plan your office moving equipment. Hiring someone to assist the move with you can save you from a lot of unnecessary headaches. He or she can coordinate with all the different departments, such as the movers, furniture delivery, IT install team, etc. This way, you won’t have to look into each and everything yourself.

Or you can also hire a full-service offer mover to handle the important tasks on your behalf.

6- Schedule your move

Make sure you schedule your moving date wisely. Keep in mind all your last-minute client meetings and other project deadlines. You don’t want to end up in a fix at the last minute. Allow a breather of at least 3 days between important meetings, so that all your files, laptops and equipment are unpacked before you get back to work.

After all, it is unfair to expect your staff to perform round the clock in such a haphazard environment.

7- Update your new address

Be sure that all your clients know you’re moving. Update it on your website and get new business cards, letterhead and other marketing materials printed one week before the move. You can even get in touch with Google so that your online listing features your new address. However, do this in advance as it takes more than a month to be effective.

Don’t forget to update your suppliers or vendors with your new address to avoid any confusion related to deliveries in the future.


There are many other ways you can carry out smooth office equipment relocation. But nothing beats good planning and having professional movers on board. Hiring professionals for Moving office equipment can make the move a stress-free experience and save you a lot of money too.

Do you have any tips that helped you move office equipment? If yes, share it with us in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions – Tips For Moving Office Equipment

Why should you hire a professional moving company?

Hiring a professional moving company takes utmost care to protect your office equipment from getting damaged making the move a stress-free experience. Also, they’ll help to reassemble furniture so that the new office looks as good as the old one.

How does informing the office staff eases the move?

Informing the office staff in advance will enable your employees to themselves for the move. This also facilitates them to finish up all pending work before moving.

Why should you involve the IT team in the moving process?

The IT team can provide suggestions to resolve the challenges or issues faced in the old office. Notably, data cabling, internet plans, phone connections, etc. must be done with prior guidance of IT team.

What are the essential tasks that have to be completed after the move?

Be sure that all your clients, suppliers, and vendors know you’re moving. Update the new address on your website and get new business cards, letterhead and other marketing materials printed one week before the move.


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