Tips for Moving Out

Ideally, you would have plenty of notice before being forced to suddenly move. Setting aside three to four weeks is recommended to properly plan, pack, and transport your belongings when moving. Yet, life happens quickly, sometimes a last-minute relocation can’t be helped. 

There are two main categories of last-minute relocations: those where the time between when you learn you need to relocate and when you relocate is short, and those in which you procrastinate to the point where you are staring at an empty house just days before the movers are scheduled to arrive. Learning to adapt rapidly is important in either situation. If you need to relocate quickly, consider these suggestions.

Sort Out the Logistics

When you wait until the last minute to move, everything seems urgent and impossible. When faced with so many tasks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to breathe and go to work checking things off your moving to-do list. 

Hiring a private shuttle service should be your first order of business. When you want to move, you will require the assistance of professionals. If you need to hire movers but don’t have much time, you can quickly reach out to a private shuttle service to book available moving transport. Get a price quotation, and as soon as you’ve settled the details of your relocation, you may go to work on the rest of your moving plan.

Pack A Bag for Essentials

Dedicate a compact duffel bag and begin loading it with the few necessities you can’t afford to lose. You should pack your essentials, necessary medications, crucial documents, chargers, toiletries, and extra clothes in this bag. Although this is a task you should do regardless of whether you are moving quickly or slowly, it is paramount when time is of the essence, and the move will likely become more chaotic and taxing. Assuming you have your travel essentials bag ready, you may go on to the next step: packing.

Have a Moving Plan

Organize your schedule wisely so you can get everything done before moving day. Make a list of everything that needs doing (without worrying about when you’ll get to it; you’re already short on time).  

The next step is to prioritize these responsibilities based on how much time remains before the relocation, sorting them into those that must be completed immediately, those that can wait a week or two, and those that can’t be put off until the last few days. Then there’s moving day itself to consider. You should add to your list as you think of things to do. 

Making use of a moving checklist is a great idea. Knowing everything that needs to be done and when will help alleviate the stress and worry associated with a hasty relocation. You can’t afford to lose time looking for packing materials like bubble wrap and scissors if you have to relocate at the last minute. You should get started by gathering your essentials for the trip.

Remove What You Don’t Need

Packing will be easier if you don’t have as much stuff. And when you’re making a hurried relocation, convenience in packing is essential. Get rid of whatever you don’t need or desire by going through every space in your home or apartment. Make four piles: one for packing, one for donating, one for recycling, and one for trash. 

The time has come to put emotion aside and think logically. If you’re moving quickly, it’s even more important to cull your belongings down to the bare minimum. Don’t just cram everything into boxes, thinking you’ll sort through and get rid of stuff when you unpack at your new place. Sorting this before a move can free you up to focus on what matters during the relocation. 

Don’t hesitate to remove your heaps once you’ve sifted through them. Donate items and rubbish, or take them out and recycle them. Anything in usable shape can be donated to Goodwill. Donating used linens and towels to an animal shelter is a great way to help. Donating unopened, non-perishable food (especially canned goods) to a food pantry is always greatly appreciated.

Junk Removal

Companies specializing in junk removal may charge you by the hour, item, or a mix of the two. Most companies give flat rates for specific items if you only need them to dispose of one thing. For example, a removal service may ask about $99 to haul away a queen-sized bed. When you hire them to clear out your garage or take down your shelves, however, they will charge you an hourly rate that depends on the number of people needed for the job. Spending a few hundred dollars to hire a team to assist you in clearing out the garage and doing some hard labor will free up your time so that you can focus on other things.

We hope you found this blog post on Tips for Moving Out Using A Private Shuttle Service useful. Be sure to check out our post on Planning a Perfect Timeline for Moving to a New Home for more great tips!

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