Relocating as a single parent takes special planning. When it comes to parenting, it’s not so much about the state, city, or community where you live per se. It’s about being able to provide a stable situation for your children. Now, that can certainly involve the community in question. If you’re living in a bad part of town, between gangs, violence, and sub-par school systems, that can be a problem.

However, if you’re a single parent who has the savvy to juggle homeschooling and work that’s located in your home, it may not be a problem at all. Because of two primary things featured in the modern world, this is often the model single parents vie for today. Essentially, BYOD and COVID-19 are changing what it looks like to be a single parent.

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Essentially, this allows offices to “outsource” office workers. They don’t have to work at the office exclusively anymore. They can do the majority of their work at home, only coming into the office for company meetings and the like. Accordingly, costs for daycare, babysitters, and travel are curbed extensively.

COVID-19 has forced many parents to stay home with their children anyway, and schools have been positioned such that their mandates require some sort of homeschooling, to begin with. Well, this can have a silver lining. If you’re going to teach them at home anyway, why trust in a curriculum that’s fraught with problems, to begin with? Choose your own curriculum!

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Finding Healthy Places To Live

So if you’re able to work from home and teach your children from home, it’s not so much an issue of where you move, it’s more an issue of what’s healthy for you and your young ones to sustain over the long run. However, if you can’t work from home, and you must have children in a school, then these options disappear. Then, relocating as a single parent involves other considerations.

In that situation, you’ll want a community that has an affordable monthly rate—be it mortgage or rental. You’ll want a community near schools that have a positive reputation. Some of the worst things that happen to children transpire under the eyes of public educators. This isn’t necessarily their fault directly, sometimes it is.

The less economy available to a given school in a given region, the higher the likelihood your young ones will learn the wrong lessons, fall in with the wrong crowd, and otherwise be neglected. While church groups and after school programs may still exist in that area, if you can avoid such a situation by moving to a better neighborhood, it’s worth it.

Don’t merely consider cost as you look into relocating as a single parent. Consider location, consider amenities, consider the school district you’ll be zoned in publicly, consider future job prospects, and consider your potential as a parent. If you can work and educate simultaneously, do so. If you can’t, you’ll have to figure that out how to one way or another.

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Single Parent Resources To Consider

Next, look into specific resources designed for single parents. You should be able to get some level of government subsidy or alimony based on your specific situation. This may depend on your job or ex, so you can’t lean on these streams of revenue alone. However, other resources can help you find grants, programs, and other measures of assistance worth pursuing.

In terms of rental, there are also specific single parent options. When you can consolidate the preponderance of rental alternatives in one location, that definitely saves time—and as a single parent, you need time. You’ll find excellent resources regarding relocation for single parents published on The Urban Avenue.

If you can find an affordable rental option in an urban community with good schools, more power to you. However, you can save a lot of problems if you move to less urban communities while retaining your ability to earn a solid income. If you’re a single parent who has a degree, or something else in high demand throughout small communities, it can help.

Don’t restrict yourself to your local community solely. Though it could upset the apple cart of your situation to move across the country, and the children don’t like the prospect of losing friends, the positive aspects of such a move could be well worth the associated drama. An extreme move, maybe; but don’t rule it out.

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Strive To Overcome, And Don’t Forget About Family!

Parents and grandparents can be a big help, but then you may not have that luxury either. Even so, while you’re struggling, don’t rule out working with family until you’re in a more stable place.

They may grate on you, but they could very well be what helps your young ones develop more closely to normal than otherwise. Being a single parent is commendable and difficult. That said, if you lean into the headwind and don’t give up, you will persevere.

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