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Window shutters, especially aluminium shutters, make a great addition to any home, enhancing room décor and offering various benefits. From offering shade from the sun to beautifying the house, they are a great long-term investment that increases the house’s value! However, you can only take full advantage of these shutters and blinds when you care for them properly. Here are tips to care for window coverings.

I know that quite a few homeowners feel intimidated when thinking about cleaning their windows, but not to worry! You aren’t alone – a lot of people feel the same way. Best of all, cleaning blinds and shutters is actually simple once you know how to do it.

Where can you start? Check out these tips on caring for your shutters and blinds well.

How to Care for Your Shutters and Blinds Excellently

You can get the best shutters and blinds from window blinds Brisbane, but it won’t do your home any good if you leave them dirty. To care for window coverings, here are a few helpful tips to follow:

1. Invest in the Correct Tools

Before you even begin cleaning and maintaining your window coverings, you need to invest in the correct tools for the job. Here is some cleaning equipment worth investing in:

  • A vacuum cleaner with various attachments
  • Quality microfiber cloths
  • Good cleaning detergent
  • A broom, if you don’t have one yet, for removing accumulated dust and dirt
  • Window deodorizer, which is optional and can be used with a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners and cloths are useful when cleaning dust from plantation shutters. However, the method you use may vary, depending on the window covering’s material.

For instance, solid wood shutter blinds are more fragile compared to their faux counterparts. So you shouldn’t use water or harsh cleaning products when caring for wood materials. Vinyl and faux wood are more resistant when it comes to water and chemical cleaners compared to real wood.

Furthermore, those materials are susceptible to stains when using too many cleaning products. To care for window coverings, make sure that you select the correct solution for the window covering you have based on its material.

2. Use the Right Technique

Besides the right tools, you also need the proper technique. Here are the steps to follow to clean Venetian blinds or similar window covers:

  1. Remove the drapes and curtains from your windows to prevent any hassle as you clean.
  2. Prepare your cleaning tools ahead of time. You can create your own cleaning solution using one part water and one part vinegar.
  3. Using an old sock or microfiber cloth, dip it into the mixture and grip your sock with two fingers.
  4. Pinch one blind or shutter, gliding the cloth or sock across it.
  5. Repeat this process for all other blinds and shutters. Do this with the handles and strings as well.

3. Paint Over Those Stubborn Stains

Don’t you just hate seeing stains on blinds and shutters that won’t go away with chemical cleaners? Instead of overusing cleaning solutions, try painting over the stains instead. Just make sure that the paint matches the window covering’s colors, and that it reacts well to the material the covering is made of.

For instance, it’s much easier painting on vinyl compared to fabric. For vinyl shutters, use acrylic paint. Just be sure not to use poor-quality latex or oil-based products, since this may cause vinyl materials to crack and chip.

As for fabric blinds, opt for textile paint, either the spray can or paintbrush version depending on how big the stain is, since you have less control with a spray compared to a paintbrush.

4. Set Schedules

Window treatments will always accumulate dirt and dust over time. That’s why, to care for window coverings, you should set a consistent schedule to clean and maintain them so you maintain their beauty and functionality.

We highly recommend that you wipe away dust from your shutters and blinds daily, using a microfiber cloth, clean cotton, or a dry sock. As for deep cleaning, do this once every half-year. For those who live in particularly dusty or dirty areas, you may want to clean the windows more often than just twice a year.

5. Replace Your Window Coverings When Needed

Check your window coverings. If they’re worn, can you save them with proper care and cleaning?

If the answer is no and you notice a lot of damage, then you need to replace the worn and broken window coverings right away. This allows you to get privacy and security, as well as improve indoor air quality, benefiting those who have allergies.

Make sure that when you shop for new window coverings that they match your home’s overall design and they are the right size. Make sure that you follow these cleaning and maintenance tips to care for window coverings so they last even longer than your previous window coverings!

Wrapping It Up

Window coverings like plantation shutters and blinds will give you years of benefit and enjoyment, provided you maintain them well. This will reduce issues related to your security and privacy, while also increasing your home’s value. Plus, cleaning your window coverings is actually not as difficult as you think.

Hopefully, this guide on caring for your shutters and blinds will help you successfully maintain them to last even longer. Don’t wait any longer – get to cleaning and following these steps to care for window coverings in order to keep your shutters and blinds looking and performing excellently for years to come.

We hope you found this blog post Ways to Care for Your Shutters and Blinds useful. Be sure to check out our post Different Types of Blinds for Windows for more great tips!


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