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If you’re planning to move to or within New York City, you know it’s an expensive place to live. So you’ll probably want to find ways to cut costs, starting with your moving expenses. The first step is deciding when to move. Moving at the correct time, if possible, can significantly lower your moving costs. Some seasons, months, and even days of the week are less expensive than others.

This post will help you pick the cheapest month to move in New York. Often, you have no choice about when to relocate – for example, you might have to time your move around the start of a job or the school term. But if you can choose when your move occurs, some months of the year are better for your budget than others. This post may be helpful to those who are planning a move to NYC.

What is the Cheapest Month to Move in NYC?

The cheapest time to move in New York is winter. This won’t surprise many people – winter is typically the least expensive time to move in general. More people move during warmer seasons, particularly during the summer. As the weather gets warmer moves get more expensive.

The greatest number of people move during peak moving season, May to September. About 60 percent of the 30 million Americans who move each year do so in the summer. This is for many reasons, but mainly summer is when schools are out, and people can get time off from work. Also, moves go more smoothly and faster when the weather is good. But it also means that movers are in higher demand, their rates are higher, and it’s harder to get on their schedules.

The busiest moving time is May 30 through June 1, or around Memorial Day. If you can avoid moving during peak time, you’ll likely have a better moving experience and lower cost. During the summer, moving companies often have to get temporary workers to help them meet the demand. This means your movers may be less experienced and may be more likely to leave scuff marks on the walls as they’re moving your dining table. 

Conversely, January and February are the cheapest months to move in NYC. Most people prefer to stay put in the winter instead of moving. So movers are less busy, and you’ll have more flexibility with your move and get better rates. Just be prepared to brave the cold, snow, and ice. If you have relatively few items and not much furniture to move, a local mover may be what you need. Just know the weather in NYC can be unpredictable, and if conditions are too dangerous, the mover may cancel or postpone.

Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter

Along with lower moving rates, you’re more likely to get better rental rates by moving in January and February. Landlords are motivated to offer move-in incentives and rent reductions, moving companies lower their rates, and storage facilities often run winter specials. And if you’re moving across states or across the country, a winter trip may be better for your belongings than one in a hot moving truck during the summer.

On the other hand, along with the cold and unpredictable weather, you’ll face more hazards moving in the winter as you carry boxes up frozen, ice-covered stairs. And your relatives and friends may be less inclined to help you move once the thermometer gets below 40 degrees.

Benefits of Moving in the Summer

Although summertime moves mean higher moving costs, more competition for movers’ services, and contending with crowds, there are some plusses. It makes it easier for the kids, especially if they have to change schools. This is a big reason why summer is the most popular moving season. You have the entire summer to unpack, help your kids learn their way around the neighborhood, and get to know their teachers and classmates’ parents before school starts.

If you’re renting, your landlord might be willing to offer a month or two of free rent so that your lease will end in the summer, which is peak renting time.

Benefits of Moving at Other Times

Spring and fall in NYC promise comfortable moving weather: not frigid but not sweltering. Just beware of the spring showers. Also, there are fewer people moving than in summer, so you can get better moving rates and more flexibility in scheduling your move. You also have time to decorate your new home and settle in just in time for the holidays or the lazy days of summer. But moving during the school year is harder on kids than moving during the summer. 

The Cheapest Day to Move

By the way, what’s the cheapest day to move? Surprisingly, the day of the week makes a difference in moving costs. More people move on the weekend, so movers are in greater demand and charge higher rates. In fact, Friday tends to be the most popular day to move. This might be because more people can get time off on Fridays than earlier in the week, and want to start the weekend in their new home. The next most popular days to move are Saturday and Monday.

If you want to avoid the crowds, try to move on Sunday or Tuesday. These are the least popular moving days, when movers experience the lowest demand.

It might be tempting to schedule a move on Friday so you can unpack in your new home without having to worry about going to work or school the very next day. But there are also good reasons to avoid relocating on Friday. Since it’s the most popular moving day, you might find it hard to book a mover or reserve an elevator if you’re moving to a high-rise apartment.  

Likewise, you might want to schedule a move during the summer when the NYC weather is nice. But moving during the off-season might be more advantageous: lower moving costs, less traffic, and fewer tourists crowding the NYC streets.

Peak moving months and days are popular because they fit most people’s preferences and schedules. But if you are looking for a lower cost move, picking a less popular day or month to move might be in your best interest.

But not everyone’s schedule is flexible. Work or school schedules and family demands might dictate that you move on a certain date. There might be many others moving at the same time as you, but if you plan ahead, you can find a suitable mover to get your household goods to your new home. 

We hope you found this post, What is the Cheapest Month to Move in NYC? useful. Be sure to check out our post, Moving Day in NYC, NY for more great information.

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