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No matter what living situation you are currently in, moving day can be a day filled with excitement, dread, and a lot of work. When you pick up your life from one area and move it to another, you immediately realize how many items you actually own. In fact, there is so much that needs to be moved that it can be easy to lose certain things. If you have a moving day coming up, continue reading to find out what items must be on the moving day checklist


One of the biggest hassles when moving is taking all of your sleeping supplies with you. The biggest pain is the mattress, as this can be very sizable and heavy, depending on your specific mattress. In addition to the mattress, taking your bed frame, headboard, and footboard is essential. Now that you have taken all of these more difficult things to transport, it is time to pack the lighter and more compact sleeping items. Take all of your sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, and pillowcases and pack them together. Keeping all of your bedding and sleeping supplies together will make it much easier to find later.


One of the most important considerations to think about is packing all of your clothes to take with you. One of the best things that you can do at this stage is to sort through all of your clothes and figure out what you do not need or want anymore. You can then sell or donate all of these clothes, saving you a lot of space and effort on moving day. Once you have everything you need, there are many packing options available to you. Some people prefer to put all of their clothes in duffle bags, while some prefer to purchase zippered containers that keep the clothes from being wrinkled. This is personal preference and nothing more. The same goes for your shoes, as these can be bulky and take up some space. A lot of people throw all of their shoes into a tote and pack them tightly to save space.


This category of items is very important, especially on move-out and move-in day! Tools are very important to have readily available, as most of the bigger items you own will have to be disassembled in order to efficiently pack them in your vehicle or moving trailer. While you will be taking all of your tools, it is important to have some of the more common disassembly and assembly tools packed so that they can be quickly accessed once you arrive at your new destination. These tools would be things like screwdrivers, impact drivers, allen keys, socket sets, tape measures, and a good flashlight. Most people take their tools in bags or whatever tool cabinet they have in their garage. This is another matter of personal preference, as tools are bulky and heavy. 

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are vital for moving day, both at your old place and the new one. You will want to leave the old place clean when you leave to avoid being charged a fee. You will for sure want to clean your new place almost immediately after you get there, as you have no clue as to what condition your new place will be in. This means that your cleaning supplies should be very easy to get to, so be sure to pack them last. Items like disinfectant wipes and spray, window cleaner, mops, brooms, and other similar products should be included in this “quick access” kit.

Toiletries and Personal Items

A very important, and sometimes overlooked group of items that are vital to you are toiletries and any personal items you have. Toiletries are self-explanatory, as you will want to stay feeling and smelling clean and fresh, especially after the long moving day. The personal items category is more subjective, as this can encompass many things that are essential to you. Do not forget to have all of your paperwork, important documents, valuables, and other items kept in a safe, secure location during your moving day. This will help you avoid any stress or worry during the chaos of the day. 

Pest-Proof Items

This final category is not a category of items per se, but it is more of a strategy for your packing plans. It is very commonly overlooked that moving day can introduce a wide variety of pests to your belongings, as well as your new home. This could be the case if your old living quarters had a pest problem, or if you encounter pests during your move. This is most often the case with insect pests. Experts like New Journey Wildlife Removal recommend that in order to protect items from pests during moving day, it is important to have items sealed so that no insects or other pests can gain access to your belongings.

We hope you found this blog on the What Items Must Be on the Moving Day Checklist? useful. For more tips, check out this Moving Checklist: What to Ensure Before the Move-In. This will ensure to bring you up to speed and not miss a beat!

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