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It is an interesting experience moving from one home to another and settling down with new people. However, many unpredictable things lie ahead. For some students, the beginning of a new life away from their parents may seem very exciting. For others, moving to a university dorm is as stressful as moving to another country where they don’t know anybody.

If you are a first-year student and still have some doubts about what kind of accommodations to choose to have a full life and be in contact with your classmates, you should consider ones that offer the best facilities and comfort.

Dorms can be a good choice for an active student’s life. You can be engaged in so many events and be very close to your classmates any time you want because they’re located on the campus. It’s a great choice when you don’t want to spend much time cooking. The cost includes meals, so you can devote your time to something more valuable and exciting. However, dorms have a higher price than you would pay for a student apartment or a house rental.

Read about the dorms on the websites of the college or university you’re applying to. Another disadvantage is putting you in a room with a person you don’t know. So, be ready for any surprises because there are cases when people don’t get along and have arguments. All in all, it’s not the worst choice, and you might be lucky and find nice people around and make great friends.

If you are a second-year student looking for a new place to spend your year, you can consider private rental homes. This kind of accommodation will benefit you with the lower price. You can take your friends with you – up to four or five people can live in one house. The only thing that would probably matter is the distance since the rented accommodations are located off-campus. Some of them are quite far from the campus, so you will need to travel farther to class.

However, most students pick this option because they find it more suitable for attending shops, bars, and cafes. In some areas public transportation is very efficient, so you won’t find it difficult to travel. All you need to do is study the area before renting to ensure it has all the facilities you need for comfortable living.

The best option that you can choose is moving to the university dormitory. You will have all the amenities you need. You don’t have to bother yourself with cleaning since the place has people to keep the rooms clean. And one of the main advantages is the proximity to campus. You can get close with your roommates, which enables you to get help with your studies. There will be situations when you will need help with your essay writing due to the lack of time or the amount of homework. And only your roommates and friends will advise you to check essayshark reviews in order to avoid scams and choose the best writing service.

Tips for Those Who Are Getting Ready to Move to a Dormitory

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Preparation before moving in is very important. You have to consider all the essentials you are going to take with you. Along with that, look through the stages of preparation that will make you feel more confident and attentive to the details.

Take Only The Essentials With You

Think it through very carefully because it’s crucial to take only the things you will use daily. Don’t stuff your bags with too many clothes that you will wear on rare occasions, just because you like them. Take only the necessary ones that you can’t do without, or which you can’t buy very quickly or easily.

Choose the Way You Will Travel

You should probably consider this issue first, even before packing, because only after figuring this out will you work on your luggage and pack accordingly. Choosing the way you will travel determines how much luggage you can take with you. If you go by car, you can bring more things with you. Flying, however, will limit your baggage. Otherwise, you will have to pay for extra luggage.

Make a Survival Kit

Why is this important? And what does this kit include? All the essentials that will be needed on your first or second day on campus. You will never know what to expect during your first nights after a long traveling and exhausting trip. Problems that you may encounter include headaches, insomnia, or stomach disorders. And medical assistance, in this case, is very necessary. Simply having a painkiller might save your day. If you come by plane, and the luggage will be delivered later, you have to bring extra clothes or items to take with you on your first-night stay.

This essay should have provided you with some new and practical information. This post has a lot of other suggestions: Moving to a Dorm: 7 Tips If You Want to Pack & Move Yourself


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