It’s difficult to revisit your childhood. But there’s something about having a box delivered to your house that can virtually transport you back in time. Most of us remember the joy and giddiness that came with opening a gift on our birthday or Christmas morning when we were kids. 

But how can you encourage your buyers to be ecstatic about obtaining your product? Why Need Good Packaging for Products? A little thought put into packaging and appearance may go a long way. 

Importance Of Custom Packaging 

custom packaging 

There are graphic design marketplaces where you may get fantastic product package designs for your business. You may have your package made here by holding a design contest open to designers from all around the globe.

Create Your Own Brand

Your consumer may have already bought your goods, but that doesn’t mean you should stop courting them. Packaging and presenting your items for delivery may be a significant marketing technique, so don’t overlook it. As an online store, you should prioritize your consumers’ whole experience.

Don’t just throw your items in a box. Instead, utilize your custom packaging to help you create your brand. According to a Shorr Packaging Corp. study, just 11% of consumers are entirely pleased with packaging today. 

That’s a lot of unhappiness, which provides you a chance to shine. With a little attention, you can make your products stand out in the competitive e-Commerce sector and keep your consumers coming back for more.

Get Your E-Commerce Company Noticed

People were not happy to purchase products online only a few years ago. Sure, they may have bought something they couldn’t obtain locally every now and again, but e-Commerce was a little blip in the broader economy. What a difference a generation can make.

People nowadays are not facing any issues while buying anything and anything online. People purchase anything from groceries and toothpaste to more costly products like laptops and even automobiles. Almost everything you can think of is what you can buy online.

With so many people using the internet, you want to stand out and be remembered. For first-time clients, the box that arrives at their door may be the first time they see and feel your goods. The manner in which it comes is critical in cultivating brand loyalty. Thus, you need to get custom boxes at wholesale price for it. 

Entice Your Customers 

With a beautiful presentation, you can entice your customers. The box or envelope will be the first thing people notice. Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce store, often wraps its items in a basic brown box with its recognized packaging tape and logo on the side.

Although the brown box is inconspicuous, it is clear where the product originated from. Some businesses try to make the shipment box a bit more eye-catching. 

Walmart sometimes emblazons the company’s name in vivid letters on the side of the box, while Shutterfly’s colorful orange envelopes used to send out its products are unmistakable. The shipment box might contribute to the suspense. You want your neighbors to be curious about what’s in that package.

Obviously, merchants must use caution while labeling the exterior of a package. You don’t want the whole world to see a costly object lying on someone’s doorstep, asking to be taken. If you can’t make it interesting on the outside, add some style on the inside.

Even unpacking items has a social component these days. People are going to social media to express their delight with their most recent internet buy. What a blessing it would be as an internet merchant if you could use this free promotion to acquire valuable word-of-mouth evaluations.

Useful For Gifting 

People like getting gifts. As a result, it makes it seem as though it is their birthday. Add a few extras, such as lovely tissue paper or a handwritten card. Even putting a welcome with your customer’s name on the inner flap of the box can make them feel unique if you’re a small enough firm.

If you can pique your customer’s interest, they’ll be more inclined to discuss their experience with you. You could get fortunate, and they’ll release an unboxing video on YouTube.

Surprisingly, a large number of individuals are doing just this. Since 2010, the number of YouTube videos featuring the word “unboxing” in the title has increased by 871 percent.

Apple is one corporation with a plethora of unboxing videos on YouTube. Simply searching “iPhone unpacking” yields millions of results. It’s no surprise, as you can see Apple’s mastery in marketing subtleties.

For example, a YouTube video by iJustine, in which she unboxes a new Apple watch, has already received over one million views. You can sense her excitement as she opens the basic delivery box and then quickly dips into the familiar thick, high-quality white Apple box. That is Why Need Good Packaging for Products.

Use Packaging That Is Beneficial to Your Customers

While consumers appreciate a lovely box, if your items come damaged or are difficult to open, your customers will be dissatisfied. Customers might be picky, and if they have a problem opening their box, they will not hesitate to give a negative review for your goods or business.

The reputation of the brand

In addition to the financial impact of product or package damage — whether via lost sales, refunds, discounts, or compensation – bad packaging selections may harm the brand image. 

This is especially common for luxury items, as buyers have greater quality expectations for the packaging (and product) as a result of the higher price paid. Consumers may be discouraged from making a repeat purchase or referring the brand to others if the packaging is flimsy or poorly designed.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know Why Need Good Packaging for Products. Good packaging is what you have to make in such a manner that it protects your items from any damage. Packaging also aids in the preservation of perishable goods. Make sure your packaging is catchy in order to enable packing and reduce waste of space. 

Quality packing makes it easier to survive severe handling. Furthermore, vital information such as the manufacturer, barcode, expiration date, warnings, volume, and weight should be included on the packaging of your items. Finally, professional brand your packaging to make your goods stand out in the market.

We hope you found this blog post Why Is Product Packaging Having So Much Importance Today? useful. Be sure to check out our post How Shipping Logistics Works for more great tips!

Types of Packaging to Consider For Your Product [Infographic]

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