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When building or renovating a house, one of the areas people focus on the least is their roof design and roof color. After all, you won’t need to deal with or see this part of the house daily, right?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong! Your roof is one of the key elements to any home. It protects you and the household from the elements. Furthermore, it makes your home look even more attractive, giving people the first impression of your home while adding aesthetic and resale value. So, it is one of the factors that make or break the way people see you and your house.

But why? Read on to find out, along with what to consider when getting the best color for your roof.

Why Your Roof Color Matters

Your chosen roof colors matter for the following reasons:

  • Your roof can account for up to 40% of your home exterior appearance, which is what guests and potential buyers see. As mentioned, it can make or break your home resale value!
  • Colors can affect the way you feel, so you want a home with beautiful colors that will evoke positive emotions after coming home from work.
  • Your roof color can affect the temperature inside the house because of the way the colors react to sunlight! This can affect your energy bills, either increasing or decreasing the overall utility costs.

How to Look For the Best Roof Color

Now that you know why roof colors matter, the next question is: What is the best roof color? Here are the factors you should think about as you select the perfect color you and your household will love:

1. The Location

An important component when selecting a roof color is where you live, as the choice of roof color will affect the temperature of your attic by 20-40 degrees. This would alter your home climate!

Note that the darker your roof color, the more it absorbs heat and light, which is why darker colors are more ideal in cooler climates, as this can keep the house warmer. Plus, they help melt ice and snow that may congregate on the rooftop.

If you live in hotter climates, you may want something lighter.

2. Your Home Style and Permanent Fixtures

Your roof color should complement the current architecture of your home, rather than contrasting with it. Remember, your house exterior can make or break its resale value and overall aesthetics. So, make sure your roof color will bring out the house architecture and overall qualities… in a great way!

Your roof style also plays an important role. If you have prominent elements on your roof, opt for neutral roof colors to avoid overshadowing the property design, as light colors can make roof elements like gables appear smaller. For those with modern mono-pitched roofs, you can try bolder colors to make a statement and so your home won’t look flat.

Besides the home style, your home may already have permanent accents made of various materials, such as brick, cement, wood, etc. You’ll need to consider these to make your roof colors look great with the fixtures and home overall.

For instance, if you have brick accents, go for brown roof colors. For fiber cement sidings, opt for blue, green, or red colors. But if you have wood designs, you’ll do well with brown, black, green, or gray colors.

Also, consider the colors of your home siding and trim and opt for roof colors two to three shades darker than these parts of the house. So, if you have tan siding and trim, opt for dark brown roof colors.

3. The Exterior Colors

Of course, your home exterior already has a paint job, and you wouldn’t want to contradict the color scheme. Here are some guidelines you can consider:

  • If your house color has a beige or cream shade, you’ll do well with black, brown, blue, or gray colors.
  • If your house is brown, then black, brown, green, or gray roof colors are best.
  • For white house, any roof colors will go well with it!

4. What Does the Neighborhood Look Like

Your roof should fit in with the overall neighborhood’s look and feel. Consider other home styles and roof colors. While you want your house to stand out, you won’t want it to stick out and look odd, as this can also make a difference when you decide to sell your house.

Besides this, it’s important to check with your HOA, if your neighborhood has one. They may have restrictions regarding what kind of roof color you have. This may help in narrowing down your options!

Wrapping Up

You’ll be surprised at the importance of roof colors, along with the many options there are! When you have an awesome roof color, you’ll have a more beautiful property that will impress, along with many other benefits. Just make sure that you choose wisely based on individual factors and preferences, and you can enjoy the advantages.

Hopefully, this article showed you the importance of your roof color, as well as how to choose the most suitable one. So, don’t wait any longer and avail yourself of services for roof painting in Brisbane today for an even more attractive home!

We hope you found this blog post Why Roof Color Matters? Things to Check Out for the Best Roof Color useful. Be sure to check out our post 6 Ways To Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient for more great tips!


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