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Unless a business follows its customers or follows the trajectory and grows out of the hometown location, it won’t last long. Like children need new clothes every year, businesses also need to grow and move

Florida has been a hub of small businesses for a long time. The growing population of people in the state, because of its popularity, meant small businesses flourished in the expanding economy. Fort Lauderdale is a Florida city that could be called a “diamond in the rough.” People come here to relax on the beaches. Residents choose the city because of the lesser crowd than other Florida cities

Even though Fort Lauderdale is great for budding businesses, when your business grows, it’s time to follow the trajectory and move to a location where there are greater opportunities. For example, Miami is a great option for small businesses. A similar population but a greater tourist reputation can make your small business grow quickly. 

But moving a business is no easy feat. You need ample resources, research, and time to shift or grow a business to a new location. But many times, businesses ignore the operational aspects of the move. Here are some things you should consider before you move your business:

1. Consider the Things to Take 

If you’re moving the business to a new location and not just branching out, the first step is to list the assets. Consider the cost of moving each piece of equipment and then decide what to sell off.

Next, book long distance moving services in your area, for example, Fort Lauderdale. A long distance moving company in Fort Lauderdale will help carry all your belongings to the new location. Make sure that you’re only booking for moving the things which will cost you more to replace than moving. This way, you wouldn’t have to invest a lot in the set-up and invest your money in a good location and marketing to new potential customers.

2. Assess the Office/Store Location 

Even though Florida doesn’t have income taxes, the rising property taxes in the state have made things rough for residents and businesses. It is important that before you move, you assess the locality where you can target your audience most effectively and afford the operational costs of the business too. 

A great way to secure a nice spot for the business is to assign the task to a few employees to scout a location that is perfect for the business. This is better than briefing a real estate agent about the business because your employees know the scope of the business, the target audience, and the operational aspects of the business. 

3. Consider the Leasing Timeline 

When you’re planning a move to a new state or city, you must have a solid financial and business plan. If your business plans to expand in the new location, hire more employees, and open more outlets or branches in the new state, you should consider the leasing timeline. Many landlords get businesses to sign leases that bind them for multiple years. If you want to expand quickly and hire new staff, consider leasing it to a location that doesn’t bind you for more than a year or two. 

However, if you want to start with a small central location and then lease other properties for the growing needs of the business, you could sign multi-year leases, especially if it’s saving you money. 

4. Inform the Employees

Before you start planning the move, it is important to engage employees in the process. Even though employees are resistant to change, this move will make them feel that they are important to the company. Those who wouldn’t want to move with the business could plan their own futures. And those who want to stay involved could contribute to the planning process. 

On the other hand, if you’re just opening a new office in a new location, informing the employees could help them decide what they should do. So, whether they want to stay in the old location or explore the new city and help the business set up in the new place with their expertise, informing them will make the process easier. 

5. Inform the Customers About the Move 

If you are finishing off operations in the old location, it is important that you inform the customers as well. When you’re wrapping up and moving to a new location, you might be leaving your market share in that area. If your business doesn’t require transporting physical goods or the location of the new office isn’t that far away, you can retain your client base by informing them. 

Loyal customers might also bring in more customers for the business in the new location. This will help the business to start off with some customers in hand so it wouldn’t seem like they are beginning from scratch. 

6. Hire a Reputable Moving Company 

Choosing which equipment to take and which to leave happens during the planning period. It is better to plan to order new equipment in the new location before you move. However, if you don’t hire a reputable moving company, chances are that you will face delays in the delivery of the old office equipment. There is also a high chance that the equipment gets damaged to the extent that you must order new equipment. 

While this might be an inconvenience, it is also a cost that will rack up the planned cost of the move. It will also result in delays in starting the business, which will have a negative impact on growth and productivity. 

Final Words

There is a lot to plan when you’re moving a business to a new location. The first thing to do before you plan the big move is research the new location. Next, determine the scale of the move and set aside a budget for the move. But between wrapping up things from one location to setting them up in another, there are a lot of operational aspects to consider. 

This article lists the operational things that you should do after you have decided on the move. So, make use of it!

We hope you found this blog post on 6 Things You Should Know About Moving Your Business to A New Location useful. Be sure to check out our post on Tips For Moving Your Business for more great tips!

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