Your business relocation doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right amount of organization and the help of All Around Moving Services Company, you’ll be settled in to your new location, and back to work in no time. Here is a business relocation checklist you can follow if you are planning on an upcoming move.

Business Relocation Checklist

  • First, select a move committee. This is typically made of representatives from IT, HR, Operations and other interested and qualified people.
  • Then, establish a preliminary relocation budget.
  • Determine whether the move warrants hiring a third-party move management consultant. If so, make sure to interview and hire third-party partners.
  • Coordinate moving of servers with IT support.
  • Contact telecommunications/data provider to schedule a cut-over date.
  • Then, contact the telephone provider to get new numbers or move existing numbers.
  • Order data circuits and/or specialty circuits (check for lead times).
  • Afterward, order phone lines for elevator, security and any other item that may require a phone line.
  • Hire a Moving Services Provider and provide them with the management’s company information. This is to issue a Certificate of Insurance if needed.
  • Then, determine if any equipment requires specialized or approved vendors to move it. For example, this could include copiers, lab equipment, certain electronics or manufacturing equipment.
  • Lastly, check existing lease for restoration requirements/conditions for returning current space to landlord.

Make sure to:

  • Reserve the building elevator (existing for move out, new for move in).
  • Then, order keys from the building.
  • Contact the building to confirm locations of signage.
  • Hire signage vendor to plan, get approval for, and install new signage.
  • Obtain a qualified mover by interviewing 2-4 companies. This is depending on the size of job.
  • Order new stationery, business cards and forms.
  • Notify your clients of change of address.
  • Contact the post office for change of address.
  • Contact your bank for change of address.
  • Notify vendors of change of address. For example, coffee service, vending machines, etc.
  • Contact the IRS for change of address.
  • Change address with any publications that are delivered to office.
  • Notify insurance carrier of change of address and new office’s requirements.
  • Obtain certificates of insurance for the landlord, and any entities required by the lease.
  • Then, contact the Franchise Tax Board for change of address.
  • After, contact the Employment Development Department for change of address.
  • Lastly, contact the Secretary of State for change of address.

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2 Months Prior to the Move

  • Coordinate with IT on server move, desktop, and PBX timelines.
  • Assemble a ‘Move Team’, with each department having a ‘Move Liaison’.
  • Then, schedule weekly move coordination meetings. This is to prepare and distribute weekly minutes & schedules.
  • Review & define areas of responsibility.
  • Collect all furniture layout plans from employees for their new spaces.
  • De-installation & installation responsibilities.
  • Prepare lab equipment ID matrix of all equipment moving (if applicable). Check/review special equipment installation requirements.
  • Then, develop a preliminary move schedule.

1 Month Prior to the Move

  • Assign move numbers, labeling, tagging scheme, and prepare floor plans/layouts.
  • Create employee move packets and instructions on how to move. Then, prepare an agenda for an employee move orientation meeting.
  • Create a public relations campaign with press releases to highlight the new location. Don’t forget the office-warming party!
  • Secure off-site storage location for old files.
  • Discuss moving insurance needs with the company.
  • Modify new space to meet equipment demands as necessary. Then, determine security procedures for the move.
  • Lastly, coordinate to add your listing to a lobby directory at the new site.

2 Weeks Prior to the Move

  • First, finalize a move schedule.
  • Then, hold employee move orientation meeting.
  • Distribute employee move packets.
  • Schedule packing material and label delivery.
  • Prepare employee welcome packets to the new space. For example, restrooms, gyms, break rooms, copy rooms, etc. Move team prepares for move; for example, channels for communication, change requests, etc.
  • Schedule move day on site help.
  • Create a list of emergency contacts, cell phone numbers, and vendors; for example, the moving company, building management, utilities, telecommunications, etc.
  • Then, designate a ‘lost and found’ location at both origin and destination.
  • Identify move command central – for mover and employee inquiries.
  • Lastly, select cleaning vendor for post-move.

Move Week

  • Schedule additional packing material and label delivery.
  • Tag and label destination site – room numbering and equipment IDs.
  • Mount ‘You are here’ floor plans and color-coding instructions.
  • Schedule training for all emergency procedures at new location.
  • Review and finalize all move sequences/schedules – distribute to move team.
  • Prep building for move; for example, surface protection, corner guards, etc.
  • Then, distribute new security ID card key entry badges.
  • Lastly, as close as possible to moving day change locks and access codes at new location.

Move Day(s)

  • First, assign origin and destination move liaisons.
  • On site help to coordinate move related questions, etc.
  • Complete job walk each day of move of schedule, completion, damage, etc. Then, prepare ‘To-Do’ lists.
  • Assign keys and/or access cards for new location.
  • Lastly, distribute employee welcome packets at their new destinations.

We hope this Business Relocation Checklist helps you out on your next move. When you’re ready to move give us a call!

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