When you are planning on moving your office, it’s impossible to know of every single thing that might arise, but you can make your future relocation go as smoothly as possible if you include smart budgeting. Here are some steps you can take to create a budget that will help you plan for your office move:

Office Moving Plan


It’s easiest to budget when you have a line-item template to use. It will keep your costs all in one place, where they are easy to access and simple to read. As you plan your office relocation, you’ll want your budget to be accessible because you will consult it often.


  • Get quotes from different moving companies and add the HIGHEST one to your budget.


  • This expense includes having your professional movers pack your company files, connect and disconnect your computer systems, etc…


  • This cost includes special transportation (such as trucks with controlled temperatures for transporting sensitive material), certificate of insurance if the building management requires them, moving over a holiday or expediting moves to accommodate a tight schedule.


  • If your current office has repairs that still need to be taken care of, check your lease to see who covers the costs, whether it’s the tenant or the landlord. If those repairs are your responsibility, add the estimated cost to your budget.


  • This expense includes rent, your security deposit, legal fees, new furniture, building insurance, new phone systems, IT infrastructure, etc…


  • If some of your staff will be putting in extra time to help with the move, add their overtime to your budget.


  • This expense can include office designers, lawyers, general contractors, etc…


  • If you are plan to create new marketing materials to let your customers know about your COMMERCIAL MOVE include those costs on your budget.


  • Therefore, if you are terminating your current lease early in order to accommodate your scheduled move, add that fee to your budget.

By closely examining your budget beforehand, your stress will be less as you prepare to relocate to your NEW office. If you’ve planned realistically, your move will feel more like undertaking another business venture rather than facing the unknown without a clue.  

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Moving into new office space, or just changing the layout of your current office? These are big changes that can have a major impact on your employees. Employees need to know what will change before they go through the process so that they’re not surprised when it happens.

Here are some tips on how to plan for an office move and keep your staff happy and productive:

Know All of The Logistics in Advance

One of the most important things to remember when planning for an office move is to make sure you know all of the logistics. This includes knowing what time your movers will be arriving, what time your staff needs to be out of the office, and where everything will be going. If you have a lot of furniture or equipment to move, make sure you have a plan in place for how that will happen. Having a moving plan in place will help ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Have a Detailed Plan of What Will Happen During the Move 

Office moves can be stressful for everyone involved in the move and it’s not an event that many people look forward to. However, a detailed moving plan can do to make moving day go more smoothly.

-Give yourself plenty of time when planning out the move; this will allow you – and those around you – to feel less stressed about it

-Plan ahead by mapping out potential routes between locations so that nothing gets lost in transit; also plan your packing strategy based on what is most important to keep safe during the move (i.e., save time and pack your valuables first)

-Make sure the new office space is ready for you before moving in; this includes ensuring that there are enough power outlets, desks or tables to set up at and running cables if necessary

Communicate With Your Staff

The next step is communicating with your staff. Make sure to let them know what will be changing, when the move will happen, and what they can expect once it’s completed. This way, they won’t be surprised or feel overwhelmed when things start to change. It’s also important to communicate any changes in policy or procedures that may occur as a result of the move. This includes things like new working hours and where they’re allowed to park. 

What can help a lot is being clear about what to expect during the transition. This way, people have a better idea of what to do when it comes time for the move. The key is being clear about what will happen so that no one feels surprised or overwhelmed when the move actually occurs.

Also keep employees updated on progress and communicate frequently with them during the move.

Give Your Staff Plenty of Notice

Make sure you give your staff plenty of notice about the move. This will allow them time to prepare and pack up their things before they need to leave the office. It will also help them to start adjusting to the changes that are coming.

Be Open About Why There’s a Change and How It Will Benefit The Company 

One of the best ways to help employees feel comfortable with an upcoming office move is to be open and transparent about why the change is taking place. It’s also important to make it clear how the move will benefit the company and its employees. Some of the reasons for an office move may include:

-Expanding or downsizing

-Switching to a new location

-Updating outdated or inadequate facilities

-Improving employee morale or productivity

-Reducing operating costs

Having clearly outlined reasons for an office move can prevent employees from feeling nervous or scared. If they understand the need behind the change, then they’ll be more likely to open up about their concerns and ask questions before it’s too late.

One way that you can create a supportive atmosphere around an upcoming office move is by hosting several company-wide meetings where employees can share their thoughts and concerns.

Offer Incentives For Employees To Help With The Move

If you’re looking for a way to get your employees excited about the office move, why not offer incentives for those who volunteer to help? This could be anything from a paid day off to a gift card or bonus. By giving your employees something to look forward to, you can make the move go more smoothly and reduce the amount of stress that everyone is feeling.

Follow Up with Your Staff After the Move 

Once the move is complete, make sure to follow up with your staff and see how they’re doing. Ask them if there are any changes or adjustments that need to be made. By following up with your staff, you can ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible and that it has the desired effect.

Remind employees that they’re not expected to work on their normal schedule for the first week after your office move. Also give your team plenty of time to adjust to the new space before expecting them to be productive in it. 

Celebrate Your Office Move with a Party or Event 

This is a great way to show your appreciation for everyone’s hard work during the move. Moving an office can be difficult, but by following these tips you can help make the process go more smoothly.

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