We all want our homes to look elegant, put-together and positively paradisiacal if we can manage it. A lot of the time however it can seem overwhelming to keep on top of household chores especially if you do not really have a lot of external or paid help. Here is how to make your home look elegant with minimal effort. 

elegant decorated house With Minimal Effort

Clutter-Free Spaces

One of the first things you will notice about interior design magazine photos, or online curated interior design content is that there is almost never any visible clutter in those photos. Clutter makes a space appear untidy and unpleasant and the very opposite of elegant. Removing clutter from your life in the shape of belongings you no longer need can be liberating both in terms of mind and available space. You can use well-known methods like the Konmari method to declutter or simply start with one item and work your way from there. 

Clothes, toys, books and other items can be sold or donated especially if you do not have extensive storage options in your home such as an attic or a basement. Sentimental objects aside, look at the items you own objectively so you can be sure you are not just holding on to a lot of unnecessary clutter that makes your home look untidy. 

Flower Arrangements 

Flowers are an elegant touch in every environment whether it is a home or a restaurant. Try to have a flower arrangement in and around the main traffic areas in your house like the dining table, the living room table, kitchen counter and so on. You can also grow the flowers so you are not spending a fortune to get them every week and that will make the exterior of your house look beautiful as well. 

There is an abundance of hacks to make your flowers last longer such as dissolving a tablet of aspirin in the vase water and you can do some trial and error to see what works for your flowers. You can also replace flower arrangements with house plants and foliage (faux or real) and that has a similar effect. Opting for big planters is very chic and modern and they can be used as statement pieces in any space. 

Create Distance 

The most elegant homes according to home remodelers, have meaningful pieces in terms of furniture and art and they are usually few and far between. Furniture is almost never placed too close to each other and some aesthetic distance always adds style. Furthermore get rid of the concept that all your furniture and décor needs to be matching or in the same color family. Designer homes now experiment with the idea that the more diverse the interior design is, the better. Add a multitude of textures and colors but try to stick to more classy dark or neutral colors for an elegant appeal. 

Crown Moldings, Accent Walls & Wallpaper 

It is the small touches that make a room elegant and the walls are probably the single largest empty space in your house. You can add budget versions of crown moldings and trim (there are a lot of DIY tutorials online on how to do it easily) or even ceiling paneling. These extra finishing touches add a glamorous, vintage feel to the space and in addition to the molding you can create accent walls with rich yet understated colors like forest green or navy blue. 

Accent walls are simply walls that are painted in a different color as the rest of the walls so they stand out. Accent walls may be chosen as they are the main empty wall in any space such as the wall directly behind the bed for example. Wallpaper is one of the most elegant additions to any wall décor scheme. Choose vintage style wallpaper and simply create an accent wall with it or cover up any area that doesn’t look great with some beautiful wallpaper such as a powder room vanity area. 

Faux High-Value Materials

Elegant houses use stone such as marble and granite and expensive metals such as copper or brass. DIYs like special spray paints can emulate the look of expensive metals with ease and a low budget. You can buy a wonderful gilded antique mirror for example and spray paint it to look like copper or an expensive metal. Peel and stick sheets come in marble and stone finishes and can be easily applied anywhere due to the in-built adhesive and are great for rental properties. 


Making your home look elegant is all about the small touches that everyone can learn how to do. You no longer need an extensive budget or expensive materials to achieve a look of refinement, grace and elegance. It is all about working with what you have and having a vision in mind.

We hope you found this blog post on Interior Design Ideas For Your Custom Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on A Unique Home Decor Ideas on a Budget for more great tips!

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