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If you plan on organizing your closet, there is no better time than when moving into a new home. It is your chance to start afresh and make all the changes you want. 

While you may be tempted to throw everything on the hanger and get on with other things, organizing your closet is a great idea. It helps you declutter and can elevate your space. Here are a few tips for setting up and organizing your closet. 

1. Start Early

Set up and start organizing the closet in your new home before you move. If you wait until it is cluttered from moving in, organizing it can seem more complicated than it is. Many people throw everything in a box and hope to start organizing when they finally move out. However, this could make the work more difficult for you.

Consider taking care of your closet setup and arrangement a few days before the big move. Ensure that your arrangement is strategic. If, for example, a pair of shoes has been collecting dust behind your closet for years, it may be time to get rid of it. Have a separate box for keeping items that you don’t need anymore. 

2. Built-In Closets With Rolling Doors 

Consider using rolling doors for your built-in closet. They look great and can be very convenient. Pocket door rollers are a great option. Their sliding mechanism maximizes your space. Their sleek design improves the aesthetic of your space, and their installation is pretty simple. Rolling doors for your built-in closet are the perfect combination of practicality and good looks.

3. Determine What You Want to Keep 

Figure out what you would like to keep in your closet. This step will ensure that your space isn’t cluttered. Is your closet for all types of clothing? Is it for coats? Or would you rather use it for your sports equipment? 

The types of shelves you install depend on the specific use of your closet. Use the highest shelves for seasonal clothes and belongings that you rarely use. Knowing how you will be using your closet makes the planning process more manageable. 

4. Shop for Storage Products

Once you know how you will be using your closet, it is time to go shopping. Even if you already have organizing products, your new closet may have unique needs. If you cannot buy new storage items, repurpose what you already have. Your old crates, baskets, and boxes could come in handy. 

5. Take Advantage of Folding and Hanging Methods

After shopping for your storage products, it may be time to experiment with folding and hanging techniques. They will help you make the most from your shelves, boxes, and drawers. Here are a few tips to make your closet storage elegant without compromising on functionality. 

  • Put your smaller bags inside the bigger ones
  • Use hangers to store your belts, scarves, and ties
  • Use the vertical folding method for your drawers
  • Use a hook organizer for your pants. It saves space and keeps your pants from wrinkling. 

6. Pay Attention to the Interior of the Closet

The interior of your closet is essential. It should look and feel just as good as the exterior. If any adjustments are to be made, complete them before you start using your closet. 

Ensure that there are enough shelves, hanging rods, light fixtures, and door hinges. If they need to be fixed or replaced, do it soon. 

7. Don’t Forget the Shoes

As you pay attention to your clothes, do not neglect storage for your shoes. Footwear takes up more space than you may imagine, and you would be wise to prepare for it. Here are a few ideas to organize your footwear:

  • Use a shelf or rack to raise them off the ground. Shoes can look untidy if you place them directly on the floor
  • Use over-the-door frames to save on closet space
  • Consider using shoe stacking bins below any hanging items in your closet. 

8. Use Other Spaces In Your Home

Don’t assume that your bedroom closet is your only storage option. You can also take advantage of other spaces within your home. Your guest room or home office could serve as a convenient walk-in closet. Your bedroom would probably feel cleaner and bigger without a closet.

Organizing the closet in your new home can be a lot of work. However, some preparation could make things easier for you. Start organizing early and take advantage of storage items to save space. Improvise with baskets, boxes, and crates. 

We hope you found this blog post How to Set Up and Organize Your Closet in Your New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Shoe Closet for more great tips!

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