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Dear sojourner, have you started making plans to move to the famed Windy City? But like many planning to move to Chicago, you have many questions such as; Where is the best place to stay? What is the cost of housing? What is the cost of living? Is it expensive? How are the people? Have you heard so many beautiful things about Lake Michigan and decided that all beautiful things should be experienced and not just be heard about? Are you currently in search of job opportunities and have set your eyes on Chicago? Let us show you that your decision is just the best and why it is so, and you should go for it.

Chicago, the Windy City

One popular fact about Chicago besides the popular one is its food (it is heavenly!). There are a large number of world-renowned architectural designs, home to several buildings that marked the change of architecture itself; one of which is the Polish Cathedrals. The city is located on Lake Michigan in Illinois, and it is the most populated city in Illinois, while it is the third most populous in the United States.

You should know that the name Chicago stems from the French translation of the wild onions that grew around the lake, the onions were called ‘striped skunk’. Chicago became a city of Illinois in 1837. The city is known by many nicknames, such as the City of Big Shoulders, the City That Works, the Second City but its most popular is the Windy City, which was given by journalists to describe the proud attitude of its inhabitants back in the day.

Chicago holds the record for having the first blood bank in the United States, the first skyscraper in the world which is the Home Insurance Building erected in 1885. It also holds the record for the first elevated railway system in the world called “L”. We see what you did there Chi-Town.

The Diversity in Chicago

In the United States, Chicago ranks as the 10th most diverse city. In many cases, it has been described as the world in a city, or a melting pot because it is known for very diverse neighborhoods which house almost equal percentages of European American, Latin Americans, African Americans, Africans and a sizable proportion of Asians. 

Housing in Chicago

The city of Chicago has a home for everyone depending on taste, and also most importantly, your budget. The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a house aside the comfort, security, and also social amenities is the conditioning of the home and also it’s heating system because Chicago is known to be very cold when it’s cold, and very hot when it is hot.

Chicago has 4 districts which are the Central, North Side, South Side, and West Side, and also certain areas that are homes to people of similar origins such as Chinatown. Credible statistics show that to rent an apartment in Chicago, in the Central district, will cost you +$1200, while outside the central district the cost is around $900 and above. Unfortunately, this is just the cost of a single room apartment, for a 3-bedroom apartment in the Central district, it costs $2,500 while outside the Central district it costs $1,300.

It might seem quite expensive but London apartments are around 20% more expensive and in neighboring New York, it’s a whopping 72% increase in the cost of apartments. So, in comparison, Chicago is quite okay.

Cost of Living Is Quite Expensive

Holding the position for the second-highest property tax in the United States, the city might strike one who is frugal as overwhelmingly expensive. Also, with the taxes, the city has a 2.25% tax on groceries amongst other taxes. Feeding, on the other hand, is super-convenient with over 7000 restaurants and eateries, you will most definitely find a place that fits your eating habits. The costs of groceries are also substantial.

Working in Chicago

There are over 50 world-renowned companies that have their headquarters in Chicago. Some of which are Caterpillar Inc, Boeing, Sears Holdings and also McDonald’s. Working in the city also has the perks of great health insurance. Some companies also add the bonus of paid volunteering activities and also paid sick leaves to their employees, so go and get the best employer that suits your lifestyle while offering them quality services and we are certain you will not regret it.

To sum up everything, we will tell you the pros and the cons of living in Chicago.

Advantages of Living in Chicago

  • Summer

How can a season be an advantage? Well, let me tell you that people leave their homes to come over from other states just to experience Chicago’s summer festivals, that is how amazing it is. Summer begins in June, ensure you are there!

  • Airline Travel at its best!

Get this, Chi-town is home to the second busiest airport in the world! Thus, it is called the heart of America with no layovers for people from other countries, visiting home during the holiday has never been made so convenient.

  • World Class Sports

The city is home to the Chicago Bulls which had NBA hall of fame legend, Michael Jordan as its leader back in the day. For baseball fans, the city has two Major League teams which are the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. Sporting News has given the city the title of the Sport City of the United States thrice! So, get ready to cheer for your new home team!

  • Lake Michigan

Oh, the beauty of the lake no poet can truly describe. Perhaps, you have seen it in movies, but we can assure you that seeing it in real life is the epic part of it. A total breathtaking sight we must add. Also, there are always festivities on its beach throughout the year so be sure to attend one.

The Cons of Living in Chicago

  • Traffic

Well, every major city has this issue but in Chicago, it’s a whole new world. But thankfully, trains are easily accessible and also bicycles are very handy. Our advice? Patience is key, you’ll get there eventually.

  • Crime rate

The city has a history marred by icons of Midwestern crime such as Al Capone, and others see a crime rate that one might be worried about. But thankfully, security personnel are always doing their bit.

In conclusion, we have shared insights that would allow you to reach a final decision for moving to Chicago. Likewise, you know what to expect in the windy city. For more information about the city of Chicago, do not hesitate to contact us.

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