Known as “The Windy City”, Chicago is the epicenter of America. The largest city in the country.  Why move to Chicago? Chicago has everything that you’re looking for should you consider a move to the center of everything. So, here are some reasons why you should move to Chicago Illinois.

Chicago is located in the middle of the United States, where you’re a two-hour flight from Colorado and New York. In addition, Chicago has a vibrant and exciting feel to it. It is full of incredible diversity, excellent business, and employment opportunities.

Why should you move to Chicago?

You should move to Chicago because it’s an ever-growing selection of residential locations, amazing arts, entertainment, and a glitzy skyline. Lacking the pretentiousness of such cities as LA, New York, and Miami, Chicago has a warm and friendly feel that’s found in its residents. It’s this humility and respect that makes the city an attractive place to live.

Large, Sprawling Neighborhoods

Made up of 77 neighborhoods, Chicago has vast housing opportunities to  consider regardless of where you’re coming from. Unlike cities such as New York and San Francisco, you can find great places to live without breaking the bank. There’s lakefront access to over 80 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan – South Loop and Gold Coast.  Likewise, there’s historic and quaint neighborhoods –Humboldt Park and Roscoe Village. And hot new districts – East Village. Don’t forget the vast radius of suburbs that stretch far outside the greater Chicago downtown – Evanston, Wilmette, Oak Brook, Deerfield, and Naperville to name a few.

Money goes further in the Windy City than in the “City that Never Sleeps” or the one “By the Bay.” If you’re renting, you won’t have to worry about the brokers fees that you normally find in New York. You can find a wide range of options. For example, condominium towers with pools and gyms downtown to houses in Lincoln Park. And unlike New York, when housing prices rise in Chicago, they simply build more buildings to support the demand.

Epicenter of Commerce

Being the third-largest market in the country, Chicago has grown exponentially since once being known only for its hold on the cattle and meat industry. Today, there are many diverse economic sectors such as information technology, healthcare, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, printing, and publishing, food processing, insurance and accounting; with one of the largest in finance worldwide.

Chicago is ranked just below New York in highest median salary, attractive to many people who are considering such a move to the area. In total, the Chicago Metropolitan area is home to 29  Fortune 500 companies including Allstate.

Excellent Academic Institutions

Chicago takes pride in its position as a world center of higher education. According to research with many top ranked colleges and universities as evaluated by the U.S. News & World Report. Such schools include the University of Chicago, DePaul University, Northwestern University and Loyola University.

The city and surrounding areas have an extensive selection of public, private, and selective-admission magnet schools if you’re considering a move to Chicago with your family. Schools such as Northside College Preparatory High School and Walter Payton College Prep High School are some of the most esteemed academically advanced secondary schools in the area. There’s prominent Catholic schools in Chicago as well.  Along with a network of Lutheran schools, private schools, institutions with a focus on the arts.

Extensive Commuting Options

One of the advantages of being one of the largest cities in the country is that it has efficient commuting options by train, bus, and taxi. If you don’t want to deal with rush hour traffic, you can easily seek other alternatives. It doesn’t hurt due to its layout that Chicago can be easily navigated. This is depending on where you are looking to go for work or pleasure.

The city is served by two international airports – O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. These allow for travel across all points of the country as well as around the globe. There are several interstate and U.S. highways to lace and penetrate their way through Chicago such as I-90 and 94, and Historic Route 66 originates in downtown.

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Activities Galore

No matter your interests, Chicago has plenty of fun things to do all times of the year. Regardless of whether you’re a sports nut, the artsy type, a music aficionado, or someone that just wants to experience everything. From downtown, you can engage in an endless amount of exciting activities, events, and shows that take place. You won’t encounter the same twice.

From gorgeous beaches to sprawling golf courses, you can easily enjoy some sort of recreational activity whether that’s cycling, golf, tennis, boating, kickboxing, or anything really that you can think of doing active. There’s also a large fine arts community, full of art galleries such as in the River North and Wicker Park neighborhoods. Be sure to check out such attractions as the Field Museum, Art Institute, Adler Planetarium, and the Shed Aquarium.

The city has a bastion of professional sports such as the Chicago Bulls basketball team, Chicago Cubs and White Sox baseball teams. There’s also the Chicago Bears football team, Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, and Chicago Fire soccer team. Chicago has been a mecca for the theatrical arts for over 100 years.

There are many theater spaces where you can experiences spell-binding performances. For example, the Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Strawdog Theatre Company, Chicago Theatre, and 100’s of others.


Chicago is home to many great genres of music such as blues, soul, jazz, gospel, house, industrial, r&b and rock ‘n roll. There are many clubs and venues located throughout the city. These cater to all kinds of concerts and performances depending on your preference. Such as, the Metro, Lounge Ax and The Fireside Bowl. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Lithuanian Opera Company offer great opportunities to experience classical music and operatic performances.

No matter your tastes, no matter whether if you’re single or have a family, student or professional, Chicago has it all. Consider making a move to one of the best areas in the country.

We hope you enjoyed these reasons why you should move to Chicago. If you have decided to move, we can help!

When you decide to move to Chicago make sure to have All Around Moving arrange your relocation to this wonderful city. We customize your move based on your needs. Likewise, we work within your budget constraints.

Why Should You Move to Chicago?
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Why Should You Move to Chicago?
You should move to Chicago because it's an ever-growing selection of residential locations, amazing arts, entertainment, and a glitzy skyline. Lacking the pretentiousness of such cities as LA, New York, and Miami, Chicago has a warm and friendly feel that’s found in its residents.
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