Those moving to Brooklyn can call themselves lucky. Brooklyn, New York is the place to be whether you’re a young professional, one with a family, or the artist type. For anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the high cost of living that is so prevalent in Manhattan. Here are some reasons why you should consider a long distance move to Brooklyn. 

Planning a Long Distance Move to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a unique and vibrant borough, full of life and energy. If you’re planning a move to Brooklyn, you’ll want to find a long distance moving company that understands the borough and can provide you with the services you need. Fortunately, there are many Brooklyn-based moving companies to choose from. These companies are familiar with the area and can help make your transition to Brooklyn smooth and hassle-free.

In addition, many Long Distance Brooklyn movers offer additional services such as packing and storage, making them a one-stop shop for all your moving needs. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across town, a Brooklyn moving company can help you get settled into your new home.

Why should you move to Brooklyn?

You should move to Brooklyn if you want to enjoy an area that has gorgeous architecture and the many qualities of a small-town combined with a metropolitan city.

So Many Neighborhoods to Choose From

Brooklyn consists of nearly 50 neighborhoods. Each one has its own character and charm as well as demographics and economic bracket in the 71-square mile area. One of the intriguing factors about choosing to live in Brooklyn over Manhattan is a lower population density.

If you are considering a move to Brooklyn, you will need to visit the neighborhoods first, even the streets, so you can determine where would be the best fit based on what you’re looking to spend. Some neighborhoods like Williamsburg are in high demand; therefore, the rates will also be high for rentals and purchases. For more economical opportunities, you can check out new homes available in Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill and sections of Red Hook as well as Brooklyn Heights.

Endless Possibilities to Get Around

Should you decide to move long distance to Brooklyn, there are endless options for transportation. Although, it’s easier to have a car in Brooklyn as opposed to Manhattan, parking can be expensive and limited depending on where you live and work. This is where New York’s extensive subway system comes into play.

From the Atlantic Pacific station, Brooklyn’s main subway portal, you can access most of the subway lines to all points in the metropolitan New York area, making travel easier and simpler than spending time finding a parking space.

Enjoy the Cultural Exploits

Brooklyn has many fun activities to do such as dining at one of the many restaurants, bars, and clubs that are in the borough. There’s the Brooklyn Museum of Art, St. Ann’s Warehouse, and a plethora of concerts that take place in one of the many parks that the city has.

Depending on where you are, you can check out the hottest music venues in Williamsburg or head up Brooklyn Bowl. You’ll find out very quickly that you won’t have to venture far to have fun.

Moving to Brooklyn

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Frequently Asked Questions – Why Move to Brooklyn

Why Move To Brooklyn?

The main reason for moving to a Brooklyn neighborhood is that in a thriving metropolis there are small and strong communities. Brooklyn is a hustling and bustling city with a population of about 2.6 million. If you love throngs of people and the active nightlife of the big city, you will love it here. Rest assured, you’ll never have to look far for new vibrant opportunities if you move to Brooklyn.

Is Living in Brooklyn Worth It?

Brooklyn is really big. There are still plenty of affordable neighborhoods to live in that aren’t east Flatbush. … There are much nicer and prettier neighborhoods you could be living in that feel far less stressful than East Flatbush. There are many factors that make moving to Brooklyn worth it.

Where Should I Move in Brooklyn?

Best Neighborhoods to Rent in Brooklyn 2020

  • Williamsburg: Best for Millennials & Nightlife.
  • Park Slope: Best for Families & Nightlife.
  • Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens: Best for Families.
  • Clinton Hill: Best for Millennials.
  • Downtown Brooklyn: Best for Nightlife.
  • Bushwick: Best for Millennials & Nightlife.
  • Bay Ridge: Best for Families.
  • Greenwood: Best for Families.

Should I live in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Costs of living – Brooklyn is the absolute winner

Manhattan is a borough for those earning big money and enjoying spending tons of it every day. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is a borough for families who take care of saving each dollar they can, while still being able to enjoy all the advantages of life in NYC offers. These are important factors to consider whether you decide a residential move to Brooklyn.

Is it Expensive to Live in Brooklyn?

The average home value in Brooklyn is $557,000. A pair of regular, blue jeans is costs around 59 dollars. The cost to live in Brooklyn gets higher if you need to use parking. Brooklyn’s median annual household income is a mere $44,850. Brooklyn isn’t a cheap city or some low-cost borough. But, it’s way less expensive than Manhattan.