richest neighborhoods in Houston Texas

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Houston, TX? How much money do you need to have to afford to live in a fancy neighborhood? Where are these neighborhoods even located?

Here, we have answered all your questions by giving you a verbal glimpse of the 5 places where you can find luxury homes for sale in Houston TX.

Finding 5 Richest Neighborhoods in Texas 

The factors considered in finding out the richest neighborhoods in Houston are poverty rate, per capita income, and the median value of owner-occupied units. 

Neighborhood #1: Hunter’s Creek Village

On the top of our list is Hunter’s Creek Village. This neighborhood is located the South of Interstate 10 and Highway 90 on the Western edge of Houston, TX, making it accessible to the West chase business district and the energy corridor.  

The neighborhood’s annual per capita income is $141, 802 with a poverty rate of 0.5 percent.

Hunter’s Creek Village is a town in Harris County of Texas with a population of 4,814 and it’s a part of a collection of upscale residential communities in Western Houston, known as the Memorial Villages.

The median value of owner-occupied units in Hunter’s Creek Village is $1,675,800. It is surrounded by several TEA “A” graded schools, which means advanced educational opportunities for families living there. 

Overall, Hunter’s Creek Village is fully urban-developed with large shopping malls and plazas in the town’s central district.

Neighborhood #2: Piney Point Village

The second on our list is Piney Point Village. Piney Point Village’s annual per capita income is $133,365 and the poverty rate is 4.2%. This town is also in Harris County with a small population of 3,419. 

Piney Point Village is spread over a total land area of 2.1 square miles. Similar to Hunter’s Creek Village, Piney Point Village is also part of the upscale residential community.

The median value of owner-occupied units in Piney Point Village is 1,838,400, making it one of the most expensive suburbs in the state of Texas

The lots in this neighborhood are much larger compared to other Houston communities. Therefore, green lawns and sprawling backyards are a common sight. 

Neighborhood #3: West University Place

West University Place comes third on our list. This town is located within the Houston woodland Sugarland metropolitan area in the southwestern part of Harris County. The neighborhood’s annual per capita income is $123,665 and the poverty rate is 1.7 percent with a total population of 15,619. 

West University Place, known otherwise as “West U,” is nicknamed Neighborhood City because it is a bedroom community for upper-class residents.

The median value of owner-occupied units is $1,550,000. The schools in this area are graded “A” by TEA, while the living and earnings are as affluent as they can be.

Some of the notable people who lived in this neighborhood are Craig Biggio (Astro’s retired baseball player), Brian Cushing (Houston former football player), and Jeff Van Gundy (former NBA basketball coach). 

Neighborhood #4: Southside Place

Southside Place has an annual per capita income of $122,414 and a poverty rate of 4.5 percent. It is a city within West Central Harris Country with a total population of 1,596. This luxurious community is located just North of Bellaire Boulevard, where several businesses have taken flight throughout the years.

The large, beautiful houses located in the spectacular tree-lined streets have a median value of owner-occupied units of $1,324,200.

The neighborhood’s housing features upscale vintage style constructed with luxuries. The residents of this community are enjoyable and love to host family parties and events at the Fire Truck Park which is spread over 6,300 square feet. Overall, Southside Place is incredibly upscale with loads of luxuries. 

Neighborhood #5: Bunker Hill Village

Last but not the least, Bunker Hill Village is the 5th richest neighborhood in Houston in terms of poverty rate (2.6 percent), annual per capita income ($120,034), and median value of owner-occupied units (1.4 million).

The most luxury homes for sale in Houston TX are family-owned houses and condos. Commercial properties are also available. 

The city center offers a wide range of shopping and entertainment centers, from luxury boutiques to antique shops where you can find unique items like Persian rugs. And the schools in the neighborhood are highly graded as well.

Overall, Bunker Hill Village is a nice and quiet place with a highly developed urban area vibe due to its proximity to the bustling Memorial area.

We hope you found this blog on The 5 Richest Neighborhoods in Houston, TX useful. Also be sure to check out 10 Tips For Buying A New Home.

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