Anyone who’s moving to Houston will find that the city has plenty of benefits to offer its new residents. Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation and has the second lowest cost of living among major American cities. Is the city where paychecks stretch the furthest. Houston provides the opportunities and conveniences found in large cities, but is more affordable than many small cities. If you’re still undecided, here’s some more reasons why you should move to Houston, Texas.

Planning a Long Distance Move to Houston

Houston is a large city, and moving can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider when you’re moving long distance, such as where you’re going to live, how you’re going to get there, and what you’re going to do with all your belongings. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll also need to decide whether you want to hire a Houston long distance moving company or do the move yourself. Hiring a Houston moving company has several benefits.

First, they will have the necessary equipment to safely transport your belongings. Second, they will be familiar with the Houston area and will be able to advise you on the best route to take to your new home. Finally, they will be able to handle all the paperwork associated with your move so that you can focus on settling into your new home. Houston movers can provide a stress-free experience and ensure that your belongings arrive safely at your new address.

When choosing a long distance Houston moving company, be sure to ask about their experience, licensing, and insurance. You should also get quotes from multiple companies so that you can compare rates. Choosing a Houston moving company doesn’t have to be difficult – just be sure to do your research so that you can find the best possible option for your needs.

Why should I move to Houston?

You should move to Houston because of affordable housing prices and a low tax burden that keep living expenses in Houston below those in most other major metropolitan areas. If you are considering moving to Houston it doesn’t have to be a rodeo. Consider calling moving professionals to make the move easier for you. An experienced moving services company makes all the proper arrangements for your move to one of the coolest cities in the U.S.


Moving to Houston comes with very attractive housing prices. There’s more affordable options available on the market and less chance of clearing all your savings in the process. The first few days after moving to Houston will greet you with a welcoming atmosphere of the friendly locals. It’s almost as if everyone’s been expecting your move to Houston and is happy to see you. Eventually, you will realize that this is the way most people behave here and it will surely rub on you.

It’s no wonder why Houston is the city with more relocations than any major city in America. Prices are extremely affordable for the residents. In Houston you will enjoy great public schools, parks, hospitals and residential neighborhoods in almost every area.


Houston does not lack for places to spend your evening. There are theaters, ballet, opera houses, aquariums, and various other cultural attractions. Houston has a young population; 37 percent of Houstonians are 24 years old or younger and 34 percent are between the ages of 25 and 44. If you’re planning a night out with your friends, there are local bars or clubs to enjoy.

There are plenty of local parks for morning walks, with convenient trails for cycling or jogging. Houston has some of the best shopping locations. Including major malls, farmer’s markets, and convenience stores that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences.

You will be able to find anything here, from designer items to dollar store products. Houston is considered to have one of the best culinary scenes in the country, with cuisine from around the world. There are more than 11,000 restaurants in the Houston area with culinary choices that represent more than 35 countries and American regions. Houstonians dine out more than the residents of any other city. The average meal in Houston is less than the national average.


As a reward for long distance moving to Houston, Texas and time spent on the road, you’ll be able to get around the city very quickly. Thanks to the numerous highways, traffic problems are rare here and public transportation system proves to be extremely efficient as well.


Houston has some of the best shopping locations. Including major malls, farmer’s markets and convenience stores that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences. You will be able to find anything here, from designer items to dollar store products.


If your entire family is moving to Houston, you won’t have to worry about finding a good place for your children to get good education. There is a surprisingly large density of local universities and schools, which can offer anyone high quality learning experience. The Texas Medical Center Zip code is home to 21,000 physicians. Likewise, there’s scientists, researchers and other advanced degree professionals in the life sciences at 385 medical offices. It is the highest concentration in the country.


There is no state income tax in Houston. This is going to noticeably increase any income from employment and business ventures while you live in the city.

We hope you enjoyed these reasons why you should move to Houston. If you have decided to move, we can help!

Always make sure to hire a high quality moving company to help you move to Houston. Therefore, browse our website for more information on top quality services by skilled local movers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Why Move to Houston

Is it a good idea to move to Houston TX?

Depending on where you are relocating from, it may be a good idea to move to Houston TX. Living in Houston TX is more affordable than other large metropolitans. It is 13% cheaper than Austin TX which could explain why some residents choose Houston as their city of choice. 

What to expect when moving to Houston, Texas?

When moving to Houston, TX expect a large diverse city that you will definitely need a car to get around in. Not only that, but don’t forget your insect repellent. You will be needing that as well. Although the city is growing quickly, you’ll be able to find that home prices are relatively low. 

No matter where you are from, research ahead of time so you know what to expect when coming to Houston Texas.

Commutes can be long and dealing with traffic can become a daily occurrence. 

Why you should live in Houston?

  • Living in Houston is more affordable than other large metropolitans.
  • The strong job market is supporting a booming population.
  • Residents enjoy significantly discounted in-state tuition rate.
  • The food in Houston is diverse and world famous.
  • Despite your age or interests, there are thousands of things to do. 
  • People in Houston stick together during tough times.
  • Moving to Houston is a breeze with the right resources.

Is Houston expensive to live in?

If you decide to move to Houston, TX you should know the following. Generally speaking, Houston is not expensive to live in at all. Houston is one of the lowest cost places to live in the US and has easily the lowest cost of living of the five largest cities. However, Houston being the fourth largest city by population and the third by size, there are plenty of things you can spend your money on. See below for more details:

  • Houston’s housing expenses are 5% higher than the national average and utilities prices are 11% higher than the national average. 
  • Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 3% lower than the national average.
  • Houston has grocery prices that are 13% lower than the national average. 
  • According to Forbes, the average income needed to live comfortably in Houston in 2017 was $56,223.00. That number jumped nearly 25% to $69,405 in 2018.

Is Houston a nice city to live in?

Houston is among the best places to live and retire in 2020. Houston is a progressive city which may be attractive to millennials. It is also one of the most rapidly growing cities in the country. And that’s not by chance. Houston has proven to be a well-rounded, desirable place to live and raise a family. Many Houstonites would consider Houston a nice city to live in.