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If you’re thinking about moving to the Windy City, there are many factors to consider. Where will I live? How much does it cost to park? Will I get a job? With so many questions to be answered, we’ve compiled a guide to teach you the most important things to consider when  Moving to Chicago.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Chicago is above the national average, but it’s still lower than in other major cities around the country.

  • Public transportation: The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) operates about 1,000 buses and over 130 rail stations for its 2.8 million daily riders. You can also ride free on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-midnight and all day Sundays!
  • Parking can be particularly tricky to find in downtown Chicago. However, if you are going to be commuting in regularly to work, you can save money by finding a parking spot for rent in Chicago; it is much cheaper than street parking and super convenient.
  • Food and entertainment options: Chicago has a wide variety of food options that it’s hard to name just one favorite! The city has world-class restaurants and many more great places to eat out while in town!

Job Opportunities

Chicago is a significant hub for business and finance, so plenty of jobs are available in the tech sector. In addition, Chicago is home to many top companies, such as McDonald’s and Kraft Foods. What’s more, the healthcare sector is another one that offers many opportunities for employment in Chicago. If you have a nursing or medical background, you should consider looking into jobs in this sector and being a great place to work if you want to pursue an education while working full-time!

Finally, if hospitality gigs are more your thing, then it’s worth checking out some of Chicago’s hotels and restaurants – there’ll be plenty of opportunities waiting for you here too!

Cost of housing

When determining the type of house or apartment you can afford in Chicago, consider whether you’ll be renting or buying. The cost of living in Chicago is about 17% higher than average for American cities, so if you’re planning to rent and already live somewhere else, your budget might need a significant overhaul. Regarding buying, keep in mind that property tax rates are among the highest in the nation at 5.81%, so factor those into your decision.

The average cost of rent doesn’t vary much across neighborhoods; if you want something more spacious (or with more amenities), it could cost up to $2k per month.

On top of this baseline monthly rate, several other factors impact housing costs: utilities like electricity and heating oil; insurance premium taxes; mortgage interest payments; property taxes; association fees (if applicable), etc.


Chicago’s nightlife options are varied and plentiful. You’ll find that the bars and clubs tend to be spread out more than in other cities, with a more significant number of them located downtown, but there are some spots elsewhere in the city. In addition, Chicago is known as a beautiful city for live music; you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy if you’re into rock, jazz or blues.

Cultural differences from other major US cities

  • Chicago’s culture is more diverse than other major cities. Although the city’s population has increased since 2000, the percentage of foreign-born residents has also climbed. The largest racial minority groups in Chicago are Asians (11%), Hispanics (12%) and Blacks (32%).
  • You’ll find a high concentration of arts and cultural events in Chicago, including numerous museums and theaters that feature world-class performances throughout the year. One example is Millennium Park, which hosts free concerts every Friday night during summertime; there’s no doubt you’ll want to check out this venue for yourself!

Schools and Universities

Chicago is a big city with many schools, so you have plenty of choices. The city has several prominent universities and private and public schools. Chicago’s public schools are ranked highly in the nation, especially regarding high school graduation rates. In addition, many students come to Chicago from other states or countries to attend college because the cost of living is lower than in other cities, such as San Francisco or New York.

Weather (pros and cons)

Chicago is often compared to New York for its architecture and culture, but the weather is another story. Chicago’s winters are milder than New York’s, but summers get very hot and humid. Summers are also very short in Chicago—it’s hard to believe that you’re standing under the same sun as Miami when you’re wearing a sweater inside at noon!

While it may seem like a drawback initially, living in this city has plenty of benefits. First, it doesn’t get much colder than freezing, so things can stay green year-round (something I find very comforting). In addition, while it gets hot during summer, there aren’t any days where temperatures exceed 100°F (38°C). This makes venturing outside during this time more bearable than somewhere like Washington DC, where high humidity and temperatures can reach above 100°F (38°C).

Come up with three reasons why you should move to Chicago and three reasons why you shouldn’t

You’ve probably heard that Chicago is excellent, but you might be wondering why. There are many reasons to move to this great city!

  • It has a ton of culture
  • It has a lot of history
  • The food scene is fantastic (and it’s so easy to get around)
  • You can see all the sports teams in one place


If you’re still unsure about Chicago, hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out some things to consider before you move permanently. There are loads of reasons why the Windy City is a brilliant place to live, thriving restaurant scene, great job opportunities, outstanding sports teams and famous landmarks. It really is one of the best cities in America.

We hope you found this blog post on Things to consider when moving to Chicago? useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Good Reasons To Move From NYC To Chicago for more great tips!

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