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TV Packing Tips for Moving

Packing a TV for a move requires careful attention to ensure its safe transportation. Follow these steps All Around Moving Services Company, Inc., put together for optimal protection.

Gather Supplies: Collect a sturdy box that is appropriately sized for your TV, packing tape, bubble wrap or foam sheets, and blankets. All Around Moving can provide you with the necessary packing supplies, ensuring your TV is properly protected during the move.

Disconnect Cables: Safely disconnect all cables and cords from the TV and pack them separately. All Around Moving’s experienced packers can assist you in safely disconnecting and organizing your electronics.

Wrap the TV: Wrap the TV with several layers of bubble wrap or foam sheets, securing them with packing tape. Ensure all sides and corners are adequately covered to protect against potential impact. For added protection, you can also consider using a TV box specifically designed for transportation.

Place in Box: Carefully place the wrapped TV inside the sturdy box, ensuring a snug fit. Fill any empty spaces with crumpled paper or additional padding for added protection. All Around Moving Services offers professional packing services, guaranteeing the safe transportation of your fragile items.

Secure the Box: Seal the box with packing tape and label it as fragile. Consider marking which side should remain upright during transport. All Around Moving’s experienced movers handle your belongings with utmost care, ensuring your TV and other fragile items are handled appropriately.

Moving locally can be a manageable and cost-effective endeavor with proper planning, knowledge, and the assistance of a reputable moving company, like All Around Moving Services.  There are many different sizes for televisions out there, some small and some are very large which require specific packaging materials.  By understanding the average costs involved, exploring budget-friendly moving options, and employing effective packing techniques, all will contribute to a successful TV transport and stress-free move. By utilizing the TV packing services offered by All Around Moving, you can benefit from their expertise, personalized solutions, and commitment to a seamless local moving or long distance moving experience. Give us a call today! We are in the moving business for 20 years, and counting..

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