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Moving anything across states or countries can be difficult. In the case of moving furniture long distances, the challenge may be tripled. With the size, length, and bulk of furniture pieces, one may be troubled with the time, cost, and effort of trying to move it toward a distant location.

Moving Long Distance

Suppose you’re planning to move your furniture to a different state or country. In that case, you may need to know the different options you have. These choices could help you minimize expenses, cut transport time, and ensure that your valuable furniture will be delivered without a scratch. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you.

Rent a Shipping Container

Renting a shipping container storage is an excellent option if you’re after transport speed, security, cost, and size. In most cases, cargoes in shipping containers typically reach their destinations within a week or a month. This depends if the furniture owner chooses the express or regular option.

Regarding security, furniture pieces in shipping containers are likely to be in one piece upon reaching their delivery address. Generally, shipping containers are manageable and traceable during transport because of their unique identification number.

In terms of cost, renting shipping containers is generally less expensive than other methods. Typically, they range from USD$2,000 to USD$3,000 compared to USD$4,000 and above for most traditional movers. Lastly, the standard sizes of shipping containers are grouped into two—8ft by 8.5ft and 20ft by 40ft. These sizes are enough to store various kinds of furniture, such as a 38-inch by 90-inch three-seat sofa and a 54-inch by 45-inch bookshelf.

Hire a Moving Company

A moving company can provide a swift and reliable furniture moving service. Generally, these companies employ experienced movers who help pack, disassemble, and off-load cargoes from point A to point B. In addition, they also use vehicles and equipment to transport furniture. Professional moving entities also offer insurance coverage to compensate for any damage or loss incurred during transit.

On the other hand, most moving companies offer their services with upfront expenses. Some render their work at a flat rate, and extra fees are added depending on preferred services. These make hiring a moving company more expensive than the other options. Furthermore, some customers have complained of damages and lost claims since they have limited control of the items during transit.

If you’re choosing a moving company, you may need to compare the various movers in your locality. You may also consider the area they cover, especially the farthest destinations they can go to. In addition, you may need to clarify the breakdown of their upfront expenses and the different prices they may charge for extra services, such as packing.

Contact a Freight Trailing Company

A freight trailing company is a reliable option for a long-distance journey. In most cases, freight shipping companies can move oversized, overweight, and bulky cargoes such as furniture. In addition, they’re known for their efficiency because of dependable route planning and road experience.

In many cases, freight trailing is a collective transport system that includes air, land, and sea. However, some freightage companies only offer a standalone deal, while others provide hybrid or combined services. In terms of land freight, you may delve into the following types of freight trailing options when looking for one:

LTL or Less-Than-Truck-Load

Basically, this refers to the freight option for cargoes that can’t fully occupy a freight trailer. This option transfers the furniture several times and thus may need several vehicles and freightage modes. Generally, you can use this for shipments ranging from 150 to 5,000 lbs.

FTL or Full-Truck-Load

This refers to the single shipment of cargoes to a specific destination. While the term is originally attributed to fully occupied trailers, it can also refer to a not fully occupied load as long as it won’t require several stops for re-loading and transport.

Move it Your Way

Do-it-yourself furniture moving can be the least expensive of all the options. In this option, the owner can fully control how the pieces will be packed and kept in their boxes and containers. As a result, they can ensure that the furniture won’t break or chip through the transport by adding protective items, such as bubble wraps and layered cardboard.

However, DIY moving requires rigorous labor of packing, boxing, disassembling, and loading furniture. In addition, it can be time-consuming, especially if the destination is still unfamiliar. You also have to take care of all the logistics yourself—from packing, driving, and off-loading.

Therefore, you may need to find the most cost-efficient wrapping and boxing materials. You may also need to plan a route before the scheduled date of moving. Lastly, you may seek help from friends for the preparation or hire people to help you.

truck with furniture

Consider Furniture Delivery Services

Today, many delivery services have emerged because of the pandemic. Some delivery services even exclusively offer furniture transport to various locations. They function similarly to traditional movers, only that they’re cheaper and have limited capacity and services.

Many furniture owners choose this option because they deliver quickly and come at a reasonable price. These services offer real-time delivery updates shared on apps and similar technologies.

If you’re considering these services, you may look into the organic reviews of the company. You may also personally reach out to their former and recent customers for feedback. This is to avoid bogus and shady deals masquerading as legitimate furniture movers.

Wrapping Up

Looking for the most efficient way to move your furniture is a real challenge, especially if you’re transporting it far away. Each option has pros and cons to consider. Since there’s no tailor-fit solution to a specific situation, it’d be better to assess first what you need, what you want to transport, the budget you have, and where you’ll move the furniture.

For more ideas, you may ask seasoned movers and recent customers about their best practices in furniture moving. You may also try looking for special offers and find movers that provide bulk discounts to get the best deals possible.

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