If you’re looking to make a move to Spain from NYC, NJ, or Los Angeles in California, you don’t want to do it alone. Shipping and moving to Spain can be a complex and expensive undertaking that requires:

  • Completing an inventory of all your possessions that you are moving to Spain
  • Determining the number of shipping containers you will need
  • Having the correct paperwork and documentation to clear customs
  • Being fluent in Spanish or hiring a translator to assist you in the process of your Spain move
  • Possible short and long-term storage needs
  • Setting aside a large enough budget to complete your move to Spain

All Around Moving specializes in international moving and shipping residential household goods and possessions to Spain. We will provide you with exemplary service and care thanks to our extensive network of freight forwarding and shipping agents.

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International Movers to Spain

Our competitive and customized rates include the following:

  • First, determining the appropriate shipping container(s) based on size, scope, and nature of your household belongings and possessions. Additionally, we plan with the freight forwarder.
  • As always, we offer on-site estimates for packing and shipping services for household furniture, fixtures, and other goods. This includes, preparing complete inventory of what will be shipped and labeling
  • Next, assigning movers to load and store all packed furniture, fixtures, and goods directly into reserved shipping container(s). Then, the placement of carrier’s numbered seal onto container door
  • Finally, coordinate with the freight forwarder to receive all required documentation for customs clearance and delivery of consignment to Spain

All Around Moving works with you to ensure you have a stress-free and safe move to Spain. In fact, we carefully verify all necessary paperwork and inventory prior to loading and shipping of your possessions to Spain. We also can provide you with storage at either port here in the United States and/or in Spain.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Spain

What are you able to ship to Spain?

For businesses or homes that need a 20’ or 40’ container when shipping internationally, movers should help you with all the logistical details of shipping furniture, household goods or even a car.

Where else can one ship from to Spain?

Shipments to Spain can be arranged to be shipped from the New York 5 Boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia in PA, Los Angeles, and Miami in Florida. Likewise, shipments could be shipped from other ports depending on the size.

What can’t I ship internationally to Spain?

A few of the items you can’t ship internationally to Spain include: Living Species, Biological and Hazardous Materials, weapons, narcotics or drugs, and Military-Grade Items and Materials. Some of these items may be allowed with the proper permit. Contact your embassy for more information.

How much does it cost to ship less than a container load to Spain?

Less than a container load means your shipment is smaller in volume. Therefore, if it needs to be placed on wooden pallets, movers consolidate it with other shipments.

The price of moving to Spain is estimated from $400-2,400 and more. The shipping rates usually depend on what and how it’s being shipped. Where it is being shipped from and when it arrives, also determine the final cost.

What items can be shipped internationally to Spain?

Anything from household goods, personal items, and office furniture can be shipped internationally to Spain.