Choose the best Worldwide shipping company you can trust to ship your goods to all over the world. Rates to overseas destinations are offered for shipments originated from: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Los Angeles, and Oakland California. Services arranged are door-to-door using skilled, professional, and licensed moving agents.

Shipping Worldwide with Container Shipping

When shipping worldwide, companies provide shipping rates on less than a container load. This is based upon the cubic space or volume in the ocean container that the cargo or the household goods occupy. Additionally, the cost varies depending upon the country and city destination, as well as, if you are loading container from nyc. 

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When All Around Moving Services Company arranges worldwide shipping services, we ask that your boxes be at least 3 cubic feet in size. (Approx. 24”x18”x12”). Also, to use as many of the same size boxes as possible. These boxes will stack and stow evenly on a standard ocean shipping pallet.

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Please fill out the quote form and provide as much information as possible about your shipment. i.e. weight, dimensions, etc. Additionally, include your destination zip code in order to get home delivery charges. We customize your worldwide shipping rates based upon your specific shipping  and loading container needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions – Worldwide Shipping Services

What is the cheapest way to ship things internationally?

One of the cheapest international shipping options is to use a “consolidation” door to door service which means that  multiple shipments are loaded into an ocean container. Thus, reducing considerably the costs when shipping worldwide.

How do I arrange worldwide shipping?

In order to arrange worldwide shipping, it is recommended to request at least 2 or 3 customized International Shipping Quotes based upon your departure and destination from different providers, and then compare prices and availability.

How much is shipping worldwide?

International moving expenses can range from $1,500 to $8,000 and above depending on various factors such as origin and destination, movers labor and associated supplies, as well as destination charges and fees. It is preferable to contact our office to speak to a company representative and receive a customized shipping quote. 

What is the best way to ship internationally?

In the international moving and shipping industry, overseas ocean container shipping is the most cost-effective mode of shipping in comparison to train or air. If your shipment is going from country A to country B, but your household goods are not enough to fill the whole container, you can book half a container. This saves space for the cargo and also your money.

Why is it so expensive to ship a container to Europe? 

When shipping worldwide to Europe, there are several factors that add up when calculating ocean container shipping costs and justify the elevated prices.  Some of these factors are movers labor time, packing & wrapping materials used for protections of the furniture and household items, insurance, storage and more.