Are you shipping office furniture or moving household goods to Scotland? Whether you need a 40-foot container, a 20-foot container, or have just a partial container load, we can assist with moving to Scotland from NYC. Alternatively, we provide shipping to Scotland from other states in the US.

Whether you’re studying abroad, expanding your business overseas, or relocating your family, we assign an expert team of movers to get your belongings safe and secure to your final destination.

Whatever special shipping requirements your move might entail, All Around Moving Services Company, Inc. is ready to handle all of your moving and shipping needs. Get the best international movers here! We coordinate with licensed freight forwarders, movers, and destination agents to provide you with complete moving, shipping, and storage services locally or in Scotland.

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International Movers to Scotland

We can provide you with the help you need to pack and load all your belongings and content using skilled and experienced international movers. Additionally, this includes the provision of boxes and packing materials and wood-crating services where needed.

We work with you to ensure you have an stress-free and safe move to Scotland from NYC. In fact, we carefully verify all necessary paperwork and inventory prior to loading your possessions and shipping to Scotland. In fact, we can provide you with storage at either port here in the United States and/or in Scotland.

Your belongings will be shipped to Scotland from a New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Los Angeles California terminal. As always, we offer fast and efficient door-to-door services.

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Shipping and Moving to Scotland

Moving to a new country is always a big decision, and there are a lot of factors to consider before making the move. For those who are considering an international move to Scotland, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to research the cost of living in Scotland and whether your income will cover your expenses.

Second, think about what type of accommodation you need and whether you want to buy or rent. Third, make sure you are familiar with the Scottish education system and whether your qualifications will be recognized. Finally, take some time to learn about the Scottish culture and customs so that you can make the most of your move. With a little planning and preparation, an international move to Scotland can be a great way to start a new chapter in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions – Moving to Scotland

What are you able to ship to Scotland?

Anything from household goods, personal items, and office furniture can be shipped internationally to Scotland.

How much does international shipping cost to Scotland?

Overseas International shipping services have a variety of different costs to Scotland.
The price of moving to Scotland ranges from $2,000-$7,000 and up.

The shipping rates usually depend on how big or small the shipment is, what and how it’s being shipped. Where it is being shipped from and when it arrives, also determines the final cost.

Where can one ship to Scotland?

Shipments to Scotland can be arranged to be shipped from the New York 5 Boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia in PA, Los Angeles, and Miami in Florida. Likewise, shipments could be shipped from other ports depending on the size..

What are the additional services offered when moving internationally to Scotland?

When moving to Scotland, services such as packing & wrapping of household goods are offered by movers when shipping internationally. Therefore, All “LTL” shipments are wood palletized and shrink wrapped.
In addition, movers make and provide a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory List for Customs purposes.

What can’t I ship internationally to Scotland?

A few items you can’t ship internationally to Scotland include: Pets, Biological and Hazardous Materials, food, rough diamonds, illegal narcotics, and Military-Grade Items and Materials. Some of these items may be allowed with the proper permit. Contact your embassy for more information.