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International moving services and shipping rates to overseas destinations are offered for shipments originated from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Los Angeles and Oakland California. Service arranged is door-to-door service using skilled, professional and licensed agents in the industry.

A move between countries can seem more daunting than a move down the street, but when you hire a moving services company to arrange your international moving needs, it will be no more difficult than a regular move between cities. All Around Moving Services can make this happen!

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Method of Shipping

While All Around Moving will not be able to help you with the paperwork involved in buying a house or an apartment in another country, it can help make your international move overseas as easy as moving to the next town over. Depending on where your international moving container process begins from, you have the following options in choosing the right method of an international moving ocean container:

A- Full Ocean Container Load (FCL) – Using international moving services facilities using overseas cargo containers (20′ or 40″). All Around Moving will arrange for the delivery of the cargo-ocean-container at a specific date, as well as the packing boxes & materials that is needed. All Around Moving will assign and arrange for the shipping of the ocean container overseas, to its final destination with the most professional & reliable international movers and licensed agents involved in the industry. Additionally, we place a premium on packing efficiently and intelligently to each shipment so that your furniture & household goods items arrive at your destination of choice intact and ready for your new home or office.

B- Less than an Ocean container load (LCL) – Your shipment is smaller in volume and it needs to be placed on wood or plastic pallets and be consolidated with other shippers for the international moving. All Around Moving Services will perform a free survey of your shipment to determine your
requirements. We’ll assemble movers and shippers and arrange for everything in your residence to be packed, prepared and shipped, transport it to the port of departure, containerize the shipment, have it load it onto an ocean vessel to your destination, clear your shipment through customs, deliver it to a designated terminal or to your new residence.

Customized Quote

Each international moving shipment is custom designed to fit your international moving needs, which means that we can perform any portion or all of the services required to relocate your household goods or office furniture. We also recognize in international moving procedures that each shipment
is different and has its own specific requirements. The international movers employ the latest packing techniques and we use the proven experience of master craters, giving your personal possessions and or office equipment, the best protection known and assuring that everything will arrive just as you expect.

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Overseas International shipping services can be used at a variety of different costs to the consumer. International shipping rates usually depends on what is being shipped, how it is being shipped, how much the shipment weighs, where it is being shipped from and the time frame in terms of the item’s arrival. All Around Moving, with its network of licensed freight forwarding agents, assist with international shipping services to ship household goods to the following destinations. Service is: Door to Door.

Isle of Man
Isle of Wight

Ask for a customized international shipping quote based upon your origin and final destination or call 646.723.4084.

Many consumers rely on international freight shipping companies to send and receive products. Our international movers provide services including packing & wrapping household goods (using international brown paper), wood crating for selected items (such as art and antique), if needed, full service loading 20′ or 40′ ocean container and ocean shipping arrangements are done by our freight forwarder.