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The process of relocating from one country to another is exhausting. Aside from all the planning, you will also have to adjust to the new time zone, the new community, and the foreign culture. When moving from New York to London, England you will notice that the two cities are quite distinct, especially based on the factors mentioned above. Despite these differences, though, their economic conditions, career opportunities, and cost of living are relatively similar!

If you are one of the many people who are planning on moving to London, it is best to have a neat and well-organized plan. Since it is not an easy task to move abroad, getting international removals may do you right. Want to have a stress-free move? Check out some moving tips here.

Things To Remember Before Moving To London

Learn About London

As mentioned above, London and New York have their differences. So, for you to understand and get to know your new home, in this case, London England, better, it would be ideal for you to conduct some research on everything from the laws, costumes, lifestyle, culture, and community.

Research as thoroughly as you can before moving from New York City NY to London UK. Check out blogs, newspapers,  local guides, and many other options. Since London is a diverse community, you won’t have any troubles adjusting to the city! It will also be essential to get an idea of London’s living costs, currency conversion, and other factors affecting your finances.

You will also want to think about the Things You Have To Consider Before Moving To Your “Dream Area.

Reach Out To The US Embassy

When living abroad, a relationship with your home country’s embassy is vital. They will be able to protect you and assist you with any of your needs.

You may also depend on them if you have any concerns about the UK’s healthcare, education, employment, or laws. As you are living abroad, your embassy can and will aid you with any problems you may have regarding your legal documents.

Acquire or Renew your Passport

For you to go abroad, it is necessary to have a passport. Don’t have a passport? Apply for it immediately, since the average time to get it in the USA takes about 4 to 10 weeks. Meanwhile, if you already have one, make sure it is not expired. However, your passport does not have to be expired to have it renewed. Submit all the documents required if you wish to renew your passport.

For more information about the process for passport renewal and application, see here.

Get Your Visa

American tourists can stay in the UK for up to six months with no visa. However, if you wish to stay longer, you will have to qualify for a visa. This can be a lengthy process, so you have to do this at least three months before Moving to England From NYC.

If you intend to work in the UK, you must have a graduate-level employment offer. Meanwhile, if you wish to create a business in the UK, you have to submit a detailed business proposal. It should also present you have at least £200,000 available funds to establish your business.

For more information about what type of visas you are eligible for, click here.

Sort Out Your Travel Arrangements

Make sure to book your tickets early since flight books last-minute are much more expensive. If you aren’t moving to your home immediately, have your hotel reservations ready for your moving day. This way, you can smoothly transition to London with no further worries!

Manage Your Bank Account

It would help if you informed your banks that you are moving abroad. That way, your bank let you know about the international banking services that they offer. Closing and re-opening your bank accounts later on may be difficult and a bit of a hassle. So, be on the lookout for options that do not require you to close your account if you are moving abroad.

In the UK, many banks offer an international bank account, where you can manage money in foreign currency. This will be perfect for you if you have to exchange money often since they provide more convenience.

Hire an International Moving Company

As you wish to settle nicely after moving from New York to London, it is wise to avail yourself of international moving services. With the help of professional movers, you can have a neat and organized move! Moreover, these companies may offer packing services and even international freight and storage services.

Want to find the best international moving service, an experienced company such as All Around Moving? Ask for quotes and compare the prices and the services offered. This way, you can narrow down which international moving company will give you the best moving experience.

Pack And Arrange All The Items You Are Bringing

tips for moving house

Now that you’ve chosen a moving service, you have to sort out all your belongings. What you need to do first is identify which items you want to bring, and wish to dispose of. Once that’s done, get your moving boxes and start packing them appropriately based on the contents and fragility. You also have the choice whether to donate, sell, or throw out the items you won’t need anymore.

Additionally, make sure that the items you wish to bring are approved by Customs to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Other International Moving Tips

  1. Make sure to plan your international move ahead of time. Trust me. You will not want to get stuck rushing every aspect of your move after procrastinating and putting it off!
  2. While you will have an international moving company to help you out with the move, it will not be a smart decision to lug all your belongings for the big move. Even after decluttering your items, choose to take only what you need and leave everything at home or a storage unit.
  3. If you are taking your kids or your pets with you, make sure to take the necessary steps to get them physically, emotionally, and mentally ready for the big move.
  4. Create a breakdown of your moving budget and make sure to stick to it. The last thing you need is to spend on items that are not essential to your move.
  5. NEVER move to another country without a plan. While it seems appealing to emigrate to a new country on a whim, doing so may cause a huge disaster.

If you’re moving from New York City New York to London UK, here are some Tips For Moving To A New House. Meanwhile, if you’re still having some second thoughts, here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To England.

We hope you found this blog post on International Moves: Moving from NY to London useful. Be sure to check out our post on Biggest Challenges Of Moving To Another Country for more great tips!


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