Trying to think of a reason why you should move to San Francisco? The adventure of a lifetime awaits you when you move to San Francisco. The “City by the Bay” is by far one of the liveliest cities in the state of California. Here are a few reasons why one should consider moving to San Francisco, CA.

Planning a Move to San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a beautiful city, and there’s no doubt that it’s a great place to live. However, when it comes time to a long distance move, the process can be a bit daunting. There are numerous long distance San Francisco moving companies to choose from, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. If you’re considering a long-distance move, it’s important to choose a company that has experience with moves of this type. The last thing you want is for your belongings to get lost or damaged in transit.

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Why should I move to San Francisco?

You should move to San Francisco because of its deep and diverse culture of art, music, architecture, food, festivals, museums and more. There’s a combination of living in a vibrant and dense area, bursting with fun activities and new adventures to hold. All Around Moving Services Company, Inc., can assist with the moving needs.

Views, Views, Views!

Everywhere you look in San Francisco, there’s an amazing view to behold. The city’s skyline is truly incredible – the sights of waves crashing on Ocean Beach, the views of the Golden Gate Bridge to name a couple. And, of course, there’s Alcatraz, which is both a fun destination to visit as well as to take pictures. Best of all, many of the sights in San Francisco are well within walking distance.

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Plethora of Colorful Neighborhoods to Live

Although much of the 46 square miles that makes up San Francisco is expensive when it comes to residential real estate, it is full with neighborhoods that have uniqueness to them. These are bustling with energy that’s conducive to both single twenty-somethings and families. Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, West Portal, Richmond District Sea Cliff, Excelsior and the Castro are just some of the popular neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Dog Lovers Rejoice

This is the city to have a dog. Every neighborhood in San Francisco has at least a park where there are dog-friendly areas for taking your dog out for a walk. Let them play with other dogs, while you socialize with other dog lovers. Many bars in San Francisco also are dog friendly.

Mecca for Fitness

If you are considering long distance move to San Francisco, CA, you will discover that fitness and health are incredibly important to its population. This is thanks to the year-round beautiful weather the area receives. Surfing, running, yoga, the gym, other types of extracurricular sports – there’s something for everyone, and you’ll find yourself quickly getting on the program. Many people bike ride as well, not to mention, walk everywhere.

Commuting around the Area

San Francisco has their iconic cable cars to shuttle people throughout the downtown area. Likewise, to the Muni Metro – the city’s light rail and subway system, bus transportation, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit commuter rail system. When moving to the area, the San Francisco International Airport can transport you from all over the United States and the World.

Extensive Job Opportunities

There is a multitude of job opportunities for all different types of industries in San Francisco. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or an executive position, there are many open positions that will be within your reach.

San Francisco consists of many popular and high revenue and innovative industries such as:

  • Computer programming and software
  • Architecture
  • Commercial shipping
  • Biomedical
  • Tourism
  • Venture capital and finance

San Francisco is a short proximity from San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley and major internet-driven companies. For example, Twitter, Craigslist, and Yelp. Major companies such as Charles Schwab and the Gap are situated out of the downtown area. And if you’re looking for opportunities with a small business, they make up for 85 percent of all businesses in the city.

Start-Up Central

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s looking to make a long distance move to start and build a business, look no further than San Francisco. There are over 1,000 start-ups in San Francisco, with many of them crisscrossing Market Street and south. If you’re in a coffee house, you’re likely to meet someone that’s working on his or her own start-up business. This is the place to be your own boss and make it big!

Fun, Crazy Times

One thing to realize when you move to San Francisco is the amount of festivals, concepts, and random events that take place almost daily. As always, there’s something for everyone. There’s so many activities taking place that you will find yourself sucked in to the energy that SantaCon and Yerba Buena bring to the “City by the Bay.” No matter where you are in San Francisco there will be new things to discover and enjoy.

Foodie’s Paradise

To say there are a lot of restaurants in San Francisco would be a gross understatement. There are so many places to eat that the whole population could be seated at one place or another and have a meal at the same time. Not only is there an endless array of eateries, but also the variety is simply stunning.

Microbrew Heaven

San Francisco has incredibly active and diverse microbrew communities with tons of great beer bars and biergartens. Additionally, San Francisco is home to a strong homebrew community. So if you’re looking for a cold, refreshing, yet different beer, you won’t be disappointed. And if beer isn’t your fancy, Napa Valley is nearby with a never-ending list of amazing wine options.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Why Move to San Francisco

Is it worth it to move to San Francisco, CA?

If you are considering a move to San Francisco, be warned that almost everything is going to cost more here. However, the new residents are coming due to the demand for jobs which offer salaries to support living in this area. 

You must determine if your income will support the lifestyle you’re accustom to or willing to deal with.

Factors such as salary, children, other working and contributing members of your household, and living expenses may influence whether you determine is it worth it to move to San Francisco.

Why do people want to move to San Francisco, CA?

People want to move to San Francisco because it is a very liberal and tolerant place, especially compared to a lot of small towns scattered across America. San Francisco does have a lot of homeless and dirty streets. On the other hand, it also has many beautiful places.

People also move to San Francisco for jobs, the beach, the food, and the artsy scene.

What are the benefits of living in San Francisco, CA?

  •  Temperate climate
  •  It is easy to find a job
  • Crime levels are low
  • Walking and biking are great options because of close proximity to amenities

What should I know before moving to San Francisco, CA?

Before you move to San Francisco, California you should know the following. Due in part to the most recent (and somewhat lamented) tech boom, San Francisco has the 13th highest population in the US, clocking in at 870,887 people.

San Francisco, as of 2018, has the most expensive rent in the country. The average one-bedroom apartment rent is currently a whopping $3,372 per month.

San Francisco is a rapidly growing city due to the tech boom that has hugely benefitted many while leaving others scrambling for an affordable home.

How much money should I save to move to San Francisco, CA?

It is wise to have six months of living expenses saved up when moving to the city without a job. For San Francisco, that means $25,000 to $30,000. If you have in-demand skills, you should be able to find a job quickly in San Francisco. 

Although it is possible to move without a job, it makes sense to ensure there are jobs in your field before you make the move.