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Nestled along the south bank of the Arkansas River lies the “Anchor” of Arkansas known as Little Rock, the state’s capital that is on the rise. Little Rock, AR offers those considering a move there with not only affordable housing but also promising opportunities in employment, health care and gorgeous scenery that spreads as far as the eye can see. The Wall Street Journal recently named Little Rock as the sixth-best real estate market in the country with a booming arts and culture scene to match. It’s a thriving area full of diverse companies that the state has to offer. Little Rock is truly the place to be for all of this and more.

Affordable to the Max

Anyone that has moved to Arkansas, let alone Little Rock will tell you that cost of living is considerably lower than the US average – 9 percent to be exact. Part of this stems from the fact Arkansas produces a wealth of agricultural products in the rich soil deposits such as cotton, rice, soybeans, and wood. Cattle and poultry also make up a substantial part of the state’s income. All of this means that people who live in Arkansas, specifically Little Rock will not have to endure transportation costs and import taxes, which will come in handy when dealing with the grocery bills every week.

And when you’re looking at homes to purchase or rent, you will find a difference in the low cost of living due to Arkansas’ availability of natural materials like hardwood and other building materials. For example, a two-bedroom in a Little Rock middle-class neighborhood averages around $185,000, while $790 is the average for if you want to rent one respectively. But if you’re purchasing a home, you will find that the property taxes in the Natural State are some of the lowest in the U.S.

Business is Booming

Unlike other states following the start of the Great Recession, Arkansas was not impacted as hard and is recovering at a faster rate due to government initiatives that have helped revitalize its economy. Little Rock, in particular, has become a booming metropolis with a myriad of businesses, companies and corporations Such as Acxion, Dillard’s Department Stores, Metropolitan National Bank and Raytheon Aircraft Company. The presence of big business in Little Rock is a strong indicator of job opportunities that you can seek as well if you’re someone looking to start or develop a business – one of the reasons Little Rock is a place you should consider a move.

Farmers’ Markets and Other Delights

All over Arkansas, farmers’ markets are everywhere, and Little Rock is no exception where everything is sold from eggs right from the farm, organic produce and beef, plants, crafts and other home-grown goodies. If you visit such historic neighborhoods such as Hillcrest, there are many boutiques, restaurants and shops to enjoy. And every month, people gather from all over on Main Street in the downtown area to try the local fare from food trucks, while watching performances on the street.

Fun Fun Fun

Should you consider a move to Little Rock, AR, you will certainly enjoy a sophisticated arts and entertainment scene that’s full of plethora of wonderful museums such as the Arkansas Arts Center. Having free admission, the AAC has many special collections of artistic works by the likes of Pollock, Rembrandt and van Gogh, where the center also holds an art school, a children’s theater, and a restaurant and gift shop. You can also find world-class productions at one of the many theaters and opera as well many fashionable boutiques and trendy restaurants in the downtown area.

One of the other fun facts you will discover throughout the year should you consider moving to Little Rock is that you can find many great events. Many that take place in Little Rock, AR, include the one that happens over Memorial Day weekend when the visual and performing arts celebration is held.  The five-day Little Rock Film Festival, which is hosted by Brent and Craig Renaud, attracts more than 25,000 people who come to check out hundreds of films from all over the world. And don’t forget to check out their River Market, where during the summer, their “Movies in the Park” event is one of the main attractions – movies begin at sundown every Wednesday during the months of June and July at the Riverfest Amphitheater, which sits on the banks of the Arkansas River.

Checking Out the Countryside

One of the great secrets of Arkansas is that it’s the oldest Southern state for producing wine. For example, outside of Little Rock, there are more than a few wineries that you can find along the Arkansas River, nestled amongst the Ozark Mountains that are full of fertile soil in the right kind of climate. And while there, you can enjoy a number of hiking trails.

Just outside of Little Rock is Pinnacle Mountain, which has breathtaking views of not only the city but the Arkansas River and Lake Maumelle, where you can enjoy amazing mountain biking trails and two barrier-free trails. All over the area, there are fantastic places not only to hike but to swim and boat and fish. If you’re looking for great sights and exercise that you can joy every day and every week, you will find it in the glorious countryside or back in the one of the beautiful parks in Little Rock.

Little Rock is a gem of amazing bedrock of natural beauty that is Arkansas that’s full of economic  opportunities and affordable living. Should you consider moving to the area in this great state, have All Around Moving handle your long distance moving solutions. We are the premier moving services companies that are experts in both residential and commercial relocations for Arkansas and its capital Little Rock. Our experienced professional moving arrangers will get you there safely and securely so you can start enjoying everything that this gem on the banks of the Arkansas River is
all about.