Is Oklahoma City the ideal place to move? Oklahoma City, OK is a city with some of the cleanest air in the country, gorgeous weather, low crime, and carefree commutes during rush hour. Likewise, it contains one of the friendliest populations of people you will find. Here are a few reasons why you should move to Oklahoma, City.

Planning a Long Distance Move to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a great place to live. The cost of living is affordable, and there are plenty of great schools and jobs available. However, when it comes time to move long distance, Oklahoma City can be a bit of a challenge. While there are plenty of local movers available, finding a reputable long distance moving company, like All Around Moving Services Company, Inc., can be difficult. That’s where we come in. We’re a long distance moving company that specializes in long distance moves in Oklahoma City and to OKC.

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Why Should I move to Oklahoma City?

You should move to Oklahoma City because of it’s dynamic economy, new and recently-renovated schools, and an inspiring arts and music scene. Additionally, there’s exciting museums and zoos, a plethora of farmers’ markets, and cool coffee houses.

Why is Oklahoma City A Good Place To Live?

For many people and families living on the east coast, the west coast, Texas, New York, Florida… why would you consider moving to the city fondly known as OKC? The answer is simple: in Oklahoma City, you dream big!

Throughout the city and surrounding areas, Oklahoma City has driven itself to improving public services. Also, initiating and completing large-scale projects that has ushered the area into a millennial renaissance that now has its own NBA team. The great people of OKC take pride in the fact that this is a place you can come to work and play, and of course, live. You feel that energy while checking out an exhibit at the Museum of Art, taking a boat ride on the Oklahoma River, or just enjoying a spirited activity downtown.

The future is bright in Oklahoma City. The city has one of the strongest economies of any metropolitan area in the United States. Currently it has the lowest unemployment rate nationwide for 12 of the last 19 months. 74% of the primary job employers that were interviewed by the Chamber plan to continue their hiring binge. Per capita income is not only growing but also outpacing the national and metro city averages. OKC has grown by 12.5 percent since 2012.

Fast Morning Commute Exists in OKC!

When you’re considering a move to Oklahoma City, OK, know that this area has the 3rd lowest commute time among the 52 largest cities in the U.S. according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. One-way commutes average out at less than 22 minutes, while a 15-mile commute clocks in at 17 minutes.

This can be credited to a well-developed infrastructure of public transit like the Metro Transit, and roads like I-35 and I-40 that junction in the city, while I-235 also goes through the metropolitan area. All of these roads receive consistent maintenance and upkeep. Additionally, you can fly into OKC and from all points throughout the country using the Will Rogers World Airport.

Cost of Living is LOW Here

How low is the cost of living in Oklahoma? Try 24 percent lower than the U.S. average! The lowest in the entire country, you can expect to find some of the lowest prices regarding groceries, healthcare, and transportation. Thanks to not only energy and agricultural products, but also consumer goods and local manufacturing. When you consider the fast commute time, you won’t be have to keep stopping at the gas station to fill up.

Low Property Taxes = Low Housing Costs

Having some of the lowest property taxes in Oklahoma state and the entire country, buying a home in Oklahoma City is inexpensive.
And that’s an understatement. For a two-bedroom home, the mean price hovers around $77,000, while a three-bedroom home can cost around $117,000. For renting, you can easily find a two-bedroom, home for $850, while a three-bed can run around $1,275. Thanks to the abundance of natural resources and continued high production, prices for homes continued to remain on the low end. Thus, making it great for anyone looking to move to OKC.

A Diversified Economy

In the 21st Century, Oklahoma City has diversified into a number of industries. Some that has made the area a benchmark of agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, and transportation. Industries such as aerospace make up more than 38,000 jobs from the 250 companies in the area. Such as, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Mike Monroney Aeronatical Center.

Biotechnology has been growing by leaps and bounds. Ushered in part by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and the ProCure Proton Therapy Center. Also, if you’re looking for positions in specialty industries such as natural gas, oil, and petroleum, Oklahoma City has tremendous companies. For example, Devon Enery Corporation and Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

A Fine Climate Balance

If you love enjoying the seasons year-round, Oklahoma City provides you with warm and sunny summers, bright and cold winters, brisk and crisp autumns and clear, and blooming springs. You discover a perfect balance of weather in Oklahoma City, where there’s mostly clear skies, clean air, and an average annual temperature of 60 degrees.

OKC: A Recreational Paradise

With such clean air, it’s no surprise that Oklahoma City is an incredibly vibrant city full of people who practice healthy lifestyles. In fact, the city promotes this to no end. For starters, there is over 140 miles of trails used for bicycling, running, skating and walking with more than 15 miles used for mountain biking and hiking. The Oklahoma River provides great opportunity for canoeing and kayaking, particularly on the North Canadian River that cuts through OKC. Many people partake in the annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon – one of the 12 “must run” races on the planet. And if you’re a golf aficionado, there are over 33 public and private courses in the state capital.

Quality Healthcare Facilities

Should you consider a move to Oklahoma City, OK, you can rest assured that you will be able to receive quality healthcare at one of the area’s 35 hospitals. These provide specialty care like, burn treatment, hearing and vision care, hematology, neonatal care, oncology, and sports medicine. The state capital is also home to the country’s leading heart transplant teams. Likewise, the most complete medical research centers, eye institutes, and one of only eight proton therapy centers in America.

Fantastic Thriving Nightlife

In a city that’s full of activity, Oklahoma City’s nightlife is no exception. When you consider moving to OKC, you will find it effortless to enhance your lifestyle. Not only receiving a high paying job, but also living in an area with a lower cost of living. Thus, this gives you plenty of income to have fun at a plethora of different restaurants, clubs, and other venues.

There’s Bricktown in the southwest part of the city where you can grab a little dinner or enjoy a drink on the water. Since newly revitalized, Midtown is full of amazing restaurants and bars. While the Plaza District has many retail shops and other fun eateries located in once-abandoned buildings to spend your evening. Then you have the Remington Park, located in the Adventure District  that’s home to a thoroughbred and quarter horse racing track. It comes along with a casino to allow you to enjoy a little gambling excitement along the way.

Whether you love the arts, enjoy a nice dinner, watching a sports game, or simply being out and about, Oklahoma City is full of great areas to live life to its fullest.

Rich Arts & Culture Scene

Oklahoma City will bedazzle you with its dozens of art galleries and concert venues. These reside within its thriving arts and culture scene. The state capital is home to three popular arts festivals. The Festival of the Arts, DeadCENTER Film Festival, and Paseo Arts Festival that come through each year showcasing mainstream and off-beat exhibits and hundreds of independent films. You will also find the Oklahoma City Museum of Art that sees at least 135,000 people visit each year.

They come from not only all fifty states, but more than thirty foreign countries. Additionally, you can enjoy incredible performances by the Canterbury Choral Society Oklahoma City Ballet. Likewise, at the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra at the 2,500-seat Civic Center Music Hall.

The Oklahoma City Thunder

For all the professional, collegiate, and amateur sports that you can enjoy as a spectator in the state capital, none capture the imagination of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. If you’re lucky enough to capture a game during the season at the Oklahoma City Arena, you’ll discover why it’s one of the toughest places to play in the country if you’re a visiting team. Having made at least the Western Conference Finals four times since 2011, the team made a run for the NBA title in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat during the 2012 season. This was the first in franchise history and a mind-blowing thrill for the people of the city.

Oklahoma City, OK is a city of great opportunities whether you’re considering a residential or a commercial move to the area. All Around Moving can help you achieve that dream to OKC. All Around Moving has assisted hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses in handling their relocation needs to metropolitan cities such as OKC and from OKC.

Count on us from your free assessment to arranging quality professional movers and transportation to assisting you safely and securely move your possessions to your new destination in Oklahoma City. We are with you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions – Why Move to Oklahoma 

Is Oklahoma, OK expensive to live in?

Oklahoma’s cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Oklahoma is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Oklahoma is more expensive.


COST OF LIVING Oklahoma United States
  Overall 83.7 100
  Grocery 92.3 100
  Health 115.8 100
  Housing 54 100
  Median Home Cost $124,800 $231,200
  Utilities 99.7 100
  Transportation 89.2 100
  Miscellaneous 95.9 100


Oklahoma’s cost of living is 83.7

Why do people move to Oklahoma, OK?

Oklahoma City, OK is a city with some of the cleanest air in the country, gorgeous weather, low crime, and carefree commutes during rush hour. Likewise, it contains one of the friendliest populations of people you will find.

A few reasons why people move to Oklahoma:

  • Ridiculously low cost of living 
  • No rush hour 
  • USA Today ranked Oklahoma as the fourth most affordable state in the US to live 
  • The average home price in Oklahoma is about $123,000
  • In addition to the low cost of living in Oklahoma, the state also makes transportation super easy

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Oklahoma?

  • Income needed: $44,180
  • 50 percent for necessities: $22,090
  • 30 percent for discretionary spending: $13,254
  • 20 percent for savings: $8,836

Oklahoma City has a median income of $47,004, which results in a $2,824 cushion beyond the amount needed to live comfortably.

Although the percentages in each category will vary for each person, the median income is larger than the needed income.

What should I know before moving to Oklahoma, OK?

Here is everything you need to know before moving to Oklahoma, OK.

Everything is affordable, especially our home prices.
– One key factor reason people are moving to Oklahoma is the affordability.

Oklahoma, OK is addicted to college football
Expect cities to seemingly shutdown during Saturdays in the fall—everyone will be glued to their television screen watching the game. Whether they’re cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners or the Oklahoma State Cowboys, there are few states around the country with fans anywhere near this dedicated to the home teams.

Tornadoes are the real deal around here
– When you hear the sirens sound, take it seriously and get to shelter right away.

We can get all four seasons within the span of one day
– Watch out for our crazy weather. Pay attention to alerts and always be prepared for it to change at a moment’s notice