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For anyone that’s looking to relocate to somewhere that has iconic beaches, excitement and fun, Florida will not disappointment you. The state remains one of the most in-demand to visit and move to in the country with its warm and sunny climate year-round, encompassed by the vast Atlantic Ocean to the east, the crystalline Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Strait of Florida to the

Easy to Get Around

Florida has an easy-to-follow highway system that runs through all the major cities – Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando Tampa, Miami-Fort Lauderdale. In many of its metropolitan areas, you will find it easy to navigate thanks to numbered street names that increase and decrease depending on the direction you’re traveling north, south, east and west. Most have public transportation systems to help you get around the local area you’re looking to relocate.

Economical and Affordable

The foreclosure rate in Florida has allowed for housing prices to remain low, while Florida’s utilities rate of 11.44 is more economical than half of the nation’s 50 states. These two factors along with the state’s robust agricultural sector that allows for more moderate costs in groceries makes the cost in living in Florida affordable and manageable.

Great Cities to Live

From the Panhandle in the northwest down to the Southernmost Point of the United States, Florida is full of sound metropolitan areas with great economical, educational and extracurricular opportunities. Here are just some of the great cities you should consider making move in the Sunshine State.

Jacksonville-St. Augustine

Many people consider moving to the east coast on Florida because of Jacksonville. A large city located on the Atlantic, Jacksonville has built a strong infrastructure for business and employment opportunities while maintaining the natural beauty of the area with its plethora of parks to enjoy for recreational activities. From finance to healthcare, you should have no trouble finding employment opportunities in the vast area. The city is also home to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, a proud point to the southern gateway of the Deep South.

Look a little further south and you will find the oldest established city in the United States with St. Augustine – founded in 1565, before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. The city has a strong Spanish influence in both architecture and style dating back to its origins, and known for the “Fountain of Youth” founded by Ponce de Leon. It’s home to Flagler College and a vibrant close-knit community.

Tallahassee and Gainesville

Being home to the Florida State Capital and the reputable Florida State University, Tallahassee is a vital area for young college students and families who enjoy a Middle America lifestyle. Situated closer to the center of Florida, Gainesville is known for the massive University of Florida that fuels the area’s economy. Many college professors and administrators can find great opportunities in these areas as well as those looking to further their education credentials.


Known as the epicenter of family fun and entertainment thanks to many major attractions as Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, Orlando has established itself as a major touring hub in the state. There are many terrific restaurant and shopping options to enjoy whether you’re a resident or a visitor. If you’re a professional in the entertainment, hospitality and tourism industries, Orlando could be your destination with hundreds of hotels, scores of amusement parks, film and music and television studios. The area is also home to any scores of manufacturing and technology companies. Due to no state tax, Orlando is a viable option for small business as well as major global hub due to Disney and Universal Studios calling the area home.


The Tampa Bay area is a vast melting pot of communities, consisting of both rural and urban landscapes. Including Tampa proper, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, the area has a robust financial sector, home to such flagstaff corporations as Franklin Templeton and Raymond James Financial. Agricultural opportunities are also very strong such as those in Plant City, known for their strawberry farms. Tampa also has many opportunities for continuing education through such institutions as Eckerd College and the University of South Florida.

Like most of the state, tourism is also very huge in Tampa, home to  musement parks like Bush Gardens, zoos and museums like the Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa Seaquarium, and the Salvador Dali Museum. Ybor City has a robust nightlife that’s known for their boutique cigar market.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale

Better known as South Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have boomed economically and demographically over the last 30 years. A sweet mix of swamp and island communities, South Florida is still most known for Miami – a major Latin American hub for the United States that brings in millions a people
a year from all over the globe. The area has a vibrant nightlife that attracts celebrities who also
make home there. Hospitality, tourism and finance are hot areas for economic prosperity in Miami that’s home to the nation’s top airport for international freight and ninth largest containerized port in the country – making the area a vested economic platform and major source of employment.

With inhabitants encompassing a global scale, not just from the northeastern part of the country,  people of all types of personality can prosper in the South Florida area such as in Fort Lauderdale. Known as the “Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale is defined by its miles of intercostal webs that permeate up and down the coast. It’s also home to a bustling business community with its downtown area known for many financial companies setting up operations there. The area has a vibrant arts and entertainment community with hundreds of visual and performing artists holding studios and clubs to host weekly and monthly events.

Tips when Moving to Florida

If you’re considering a move to the Sunshine State, make sure you do so between the months of September and May when the temperatures remain under 90 degrees. The summers can be hot and humid through the state of Florida so make sure you plan accordingly, and if you need to proceed anyway,
plan your arrival for either the early morning or late evening hours. When you’re ready to start your relocation plans, be sure to contact All Around Moving Services Company at 646-723-4084, the premier professional moving specialist for the state of Florida and receive your move cost quote now!.